Sit Means Sit Dog Achieves Search Dog Certification

Congratulations to Carla Collins and Joker for certifying with the North American Police Work Dog Association in human remains detection. This 5 day testing seminar was sponsored by the Dallas Fire Department with evaluators from Border Patrol. The certification process consisted of 6 tests searching for human remains in the areas of buildings, vehicles, area search, buried, rubble and water search. Joker found all 12 hides with no false indications. He did extremely well for his very first water search on a boat by detecting odor both times within 20 meters of the underwater sources. Only one other dog was closer at 15 meters for the first source and tying for 20 meters on the second.

They also passed their mission ready test for Search One Rescue Team. As a mission ready resource and volunteer for Search One Rescue, Carla and Joker will be deployed on searches for human remains. Established in the Dallas / Fort Worth area in 1983, Search One Rescue Team is available to assist any official governmental agency with the location of lost or missing persons. This includes missing children, elderly walk-a-ways, suicidal persons, human remains, disaster victims, and many other types of searches. With over 25 years of service and hundreds of search missions, Search One Rescue Team is recognized nationally as a leader in the search and rescue community. Last year the team received approximately 80 calls for searches in the North Texas area.

The first picture is of Joker making his find on the Search One mission ready test. The book case is located in a cabin and is about 4 feet high. Joker gracefully jumped up there without wiping out all the books to locate the hide behind the Candy Land box. He could have made it easy and just barked while on the ground but he loves to jump on stuff. The second picture is one of his night tests for Search One. The hide was at the end of that old tree stump. It’s about 7 feet off the ground. Joker climbed up there and indicated the find by barking while balancing on the tree trunk.

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