World DockDog Competitor Interview: Fred Hassen

Nash World DockDogs Competitor

How long have you been a trainer with Sit Means Sit?

I am the founder.

How do you feel about being invited to the 2010 Stihl Dogs & Logs World Championships?

It is always very exciting with the big crowds and the television exposure.

What disciplines are you invited to for this year’s Stihl Dogs & Logs World Championships?

“Big Air”

How do you feel Sit Means Sit’s attention-based dog training system has helped you achieve being invited to this year’s Stihl Dogs & Logs World Championships?

It makes it much easier to focus their attention to the task at hand. All their energy is where it needs to be. At this level you need every advantage you can get, and it’s always nice to have the dogs look as spirited as they can be for television.

Which DockDogs World Championships invitations will you be accepting?

Big Air.

How did you earn your invitations this year?

I qualified at national events.

Do you have a sponsor for the World Championships?

Yes – Sit Means Sit Dog Training.

Are you happy with the location for Stihl DockDogs World Championships this year?


Have you been to a World Championship event before?

Yes, last year.

What were you invited for in the past and what did you accept?

Speed Retrieve, Iron Dog, and Extreme Vertical. I accepted all 3 invitations.

How did you do in the past?

Second place “Speed Retrieve” and 2nd Place “Extreme Vertical” (Different Dog)

What are some of your favorite things about the Stihl DockDogsWorld Championships last year?

Excitement, television, crowds, seeing friends, competition, fun.

What DockDogs titles does Nash have?

“Elite” Big Air, “Turbo” Speed Retrieve

What are Nash’s current rankings in each discipline?

Not sure.

What kind of music do you and Nash prefer on the dock?

He rocks to anything

What do you tell Rex when he’s on the dock?

“Let’s go!”

What do you like the most about Sit Means Sit’s attention-based dog training system?

That he loves it in anything we do.

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