A Dog Training Collar that lasts forever?

Nothing lasts forever. Well, it used to be that way. The Sit Means Sit remote dog training collar will last you forever, and C.E.O. Fred Hassen guarantees it. If anything ever happens to it, even if your pet elephant accidentally steps on it, Sit Means Sit dog training will replace it, and they will do it at no charge except for your cost to ship it back to them. They will even gladly pay the shipping on the replacement that they are sending.

No more paying again and again to fix it when the warranty runs out either. All electronic devices have things go wrong with them, but Sit Means Sit dog training has made it so you don’t have to worry about that any longer!

“You can’t always control the environment, so you need to learn to be able to control your dog in all instances.” Hassen says.

Why would a company do such a thing? ‘Well’, Hassen says, ‘We do lifetime programs on our training packages, and we understand that various things can happen that need attended to during the life of your dog, and you should be able to pick up your training at no additional charge should you decide to take time off, and recontinue at any point.” Hassen continues, “Also, you may have picked up your dog as a puppy, and everything is going fine, but he gets a bit stronger and more demanding. You should not have to keep paying as your dog grows.” Hassen believes that things happen in the electronic world as well, and he wants the public to be able to replace the Sit Means Sit dog collar should anything happen to it for the life of that product as well.

All dog owners should learn to be fairly proficient at using his remote dog collar, Hassen believes, “Not only for the safety of your dog, but also in many cases for the safety of those around you.” Hassen says, that people do take their dogs off-leash in instances, and there is also a rising trend in off-leash dog parks around the country, and most of the dog fights that are started in these places are because of owners lack of control of their dog, or their dogs lack of manners.” The Sit Means Sit dog collar is also waterproof.

Fred Hassen is doing his part in helping dog owners whether it is a pet dog, police dog training, or any other type, around the world with many locations in Canada, and one is Australia as well that opened in October of 2008. Sit Means Sit dog training businesses have career opportunities available for those wanting to make lives better for owners and dogs.

The Sit Means Sit dog collar is an electronic device that is devised from the same premise as muscle stimulators, which are proven devices that alleviate pain in the medical community. The Sit Means Sit dog training businesses and their business owners, teach dog owners everywhere how to be proficient enough at using the device at the level they choose. “They set their own bar”.

Will my dog listen without the collar on?

Initial prototype testing with the Sit Means Sit remote electronic dog collar


How do dogs like the Sit Means Sit dog collar?

Sit Means Sit dog collar voted one of best pet products for 2007!

Read this testimonial from a Sit Means Sit client in Kansas.

I just wanted to share a little how Sit Means Sit and our trainer Andrew changed our entire house and life with our 9 month old Boxer Yogi. We were to the point that Yogi had to go. he was destructive, did not listen to anyone and bullied the kids. With 4 young children this was just not going to cut it. I hated to give him up, but did not see any other way to make it work. He was more than we could handle as a family, but thought I would look at some professional help first as a last step. I found Sit Means Sit and read as much as I could about them and how they work.

2 things jumped out at me that almost made me say NO WAY. First: I thought no way could we afford them if they could do what they claimed. 2nd: SHOCK COLLAR as the way to train, sounds cruel NO WAY.

But I read testimonials just like what I am writing today and thought I would at least have them come and show me what it is all about first. Had to see first hand and not prejudge them.

So Andrew and Zuri came over for a visit. Let me say I was never pressured to buy or do anything. Never a hard sell, just advise and information to help me make a choice we would be happy with. In fact I was talked out of doing a more expensive option because Andrew saw something in Yogi that we did not and felt he would be very trainable in our home. I got to see just how the training works by watching what Zuri could do. That took all of about 5 seconds to know this method works. Question was could it fix my dog, who I thought was a lost cause.

But I still had the issue of the collar and if it was cruel or not. Here is all I can say about the collar. It works! My 4 year old daughter held the collar in her hand and did not even feel it until it was at a 3. You will train your dog on a 1 or 2 most the time and it will work. So if a child did not mind it, I was OK with it being on my dog and not worry about it.

So we picked out package and got the first training set. First training comes and at the end of our first 2 hours Yogi, my lost cause dog is listening, coming on command, sitting and not running a way anymore. In 2 HOURS, WOW. Now I will tell you working with your dog on what you learn every night is very important and learning yourself what and how to teach them is critical; but FUN! To make a long story very short, after our last lesson I can walk Yogi off leash any where. He is more of a dog and part of our family than I ever thought he could be.

If you love your dog and want him/her to be a member of your family (PACK) and want to see results the first day, you have to become part of Sit Means SIt. I never thought I would say something like “it has changed our life” but they (Andrew) actual have. My whole family is very grateful to Andrew and Sit Means Sit for teach us how to teach our dog. There is no better way to do it that gives your fast results, and total control the first day.

The Cooper’s

Lenexa, ks

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