Dog Supplies Review: Hyperflite JAWZ Dog Frisbees

There are a lot of of dog supplies out there that claim to be ‘virtually indestructible’. This is a pretty bold claim for a dog product manufacturer to claim. We love to put these types of products to the test.

Today’s test product is the ‘Hyperflite JAWZ Disc’. These dog frisbees are claimed by the manufacturer to be: “The toughest and best-flying puncture-resistant disc ever made. The Jawz disc stands up to gnashing canine teeth better than any other competition disc”. We decided to test this claim. It’s also worth noting that the manufacturer makes it clear that these dog frisbees are not intended as chew toys, and thus will not stand up to that kind of torture. We’re realistic when it comes to testing dog toys, and we don’t recommend leaving your dog with toys unattended as even the toughest dedicated chew toys will be worn down by a determined dog.

We opted to test the JAWZ dog frisbees with one of our strongest and most destructive dogs. Fred Hassen with his Malinois ‘Nash’ test out the JAWZ dog frisbee first off by getting Nash into a biting, wrecking mood. Needless to say, it wasn’t tough to get this dog excited about biting something. Fred even let Nash have his way for a few minutes to see how the dog frisbee holds up to destruction. You can check out our dog frisbee video below to see how the JAWZ dog frisbee held up to this aggressive, biting dog.

Dog frisbees can be very useful training tools as well as being fun for your dog to chase and fetch. Did you know that teaching your dog how to ‘Sit’ on a dog frisbee can be a great way to maintain control of your dog at a distance? Check out the dog training video below to see how Fred Hassen has his Labrador retriever sit on a JAWZ dog frisbee. By first teaching your dog how to go to a ‘place’ on command, and then transitioning from a ‘place-cot’ to a dog frisbee, such as the JAWZ Dog Frisbee you will be able to have a ‘place’ that you can take anywhere you go with your dog. Check out this puppy training video that shows how you can teach your dog to go to a ‘place’ on command. Once your dog understands the concept of going to a ‘place’ on command, you can begin to substitute a dog frisbee for the place-cot.

Do you know of a super-durable dog product? We’d love to check it out and put it through the wringer. Leave a comment below and we’ll be sure to check it out and we’ll post our testing video on our site.

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