Dog Training Collar Reviews

I had Fred Hassen speak at the Fall meeting of Arizona Law Enforcement Canine Association (ALECA) on the subject of electronic collars. His talk was brief as we had limited time available, yet he was able to cover an overview of what can be accomplished with an electronic collar. His presentation was well received, and has prompted a number of agencies in Arizona, to include Tucson P.D., to further consider and use electronic collars in their respective programs. In February of 2001, the Tucson P.D. Service Dog Unit invited Mr. Hassen back to Tucson to give some more formal training on the use of electronic collars to all of our handlers. The training took place over three days. During those days, we covered a number of techniques, and addressed a number of problem solving procedures. We are continuing to use these techniques in our daily training.

Sgt. Lewis
Tucson PD

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