Dog Training: Controlling Dog Aggression

When dealing with a strong willed or aggressive dog, it’s often times necessary to call in the big-guns. This family was serious about getting control over their young African Boerboel. Even though this dog is still a puppy (he’s only 10 months old), he was starting to get a little nutty around other dogs.

African Boerboels are an uncommon breed, sometimes referred to as an African Mastiff. These dogs are physically and emotionally strong, and are incredibly loyal dogs. They are guard dogs by nature, and that territorial instinct is usually expressed at a fairly young age. Beware that these dogs are not for first-time dogs owners. With proper training and socialization, these dogs can work out to be incredible family pets. Without proper training or socialization though you should expect these dogs to be unruly and potentially dangerous in the wrong hands.

We followed a family through their first dog training lesson with Sit Means Sit with their young African Boerboel in the dog training video below. This dog has started getting unruly around other dogs, though he had no problems with strangers at all. This of course makes our job of training a lot easier (and a lot safer). The dog training video is broken into two parts, be certain to view both clips to see the transformation with this dog from before to after.

The beautiful part of training your dog with a Sit Means Sit dog training collar is how easy it is to transfer the training that you teach your dog to other members of the family. Even if your children are too young to be able to control a remote dog training collar properly, they can still get involved in the training of the family dog. The operator of the remote control doesn’t necessarily have to be the one giving commands to the dog. This is demonstrated in the second part of the dog training video below.



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