Top 8 reasons why obedience is important in Dog Parks.

We all love dog parks, and we all love having the ability to keep them open for others to enjoy.

Whenever there are mass amounts of people or dogs, problems can arise in either situation.

Below is a list of reasons that having some training in your dog will assist in keeping dog parks open for others to enjoy.

1. Being able to move them, or stop them from potential danger or dog fight.

2. Ability to stop your dog from humping other dogs. (some dogs will not tolerate that)

3. Ability to stop them from jumping on other people, or other annoying habits to some.

4. More freedom for them to play, but play safely and to be responsible.

5. Being able to practice your training in an uncontrolled atmosphere as the rest of world potentially is.

6. Ability to set an example for others to follow that their dogs can listen there as well.

7. Owners with unattentive dogs to commands are the #1 reason for dog fights in dog parks.

8. Less injury’s to dogs and people.

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