Fear-Aggressive Dog Training

Dear Cathy and Bill,

I am very grateful as I see my Puffy behaving so well in so little time.

I realize now that in any situation my dog can be in full control. As you know Puffy was so scared of people and dogs that he would escalate rapidly in an aggressive mode ( even with us). I am fortunate to have cross you and find out the only command that can put my dog out of trouble: SIT…because Sit really Means Sit! It is so true that if I don’t tell my dog what to do next he stays at the same place for a long period of time. Since my dog was going out of his mind, that method gave him so much confidence. I am really proud of him and he became a joyful dog.

As you once said to me: consistency and patience are the key for a successful training and the collar gave him the opportunity to overcome is fear and be confident. I foresee many more happy time now.

Thanks you so much as you gave me hope when I thought everything I was doing for my Puffy were useless.

“Sit Means Sit” is the greatest method ever and your expertise and love of dogs are contagious.

Oakville Dog Training Customer

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