Imaginative way to teach your dog to jump and retrieve.

Here is an imaginative way to teach your dog to jump, to retrieve and to come back to you straight. It’s pretty easy for a dog to decide to go around these chairs on his way out for the retrieve, and also easy for him to take a quicker, easier route on the way back without jumping the chairs as well.

The dog must be taught that the only way to get to his reward is over the chairs both ways. What happens if he goes around the chairs? I knew you were going to ask that!

Being able to stop the dog out of motion with the Sit Means Sit dog training system, makes it a lot easier to get him back on track through a few commands that we can perform remotely without ever having to be next to the dog makes the training of exercises much more efficient and streamlined. We can stop and start the dog at just about any place in route and in either direction, before he reaches the object.

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