Police K9 Muzzle fighting with control.

Teaching K-9’s and Police K-9 handlers how to control their dogs, but yet maintain desire in it’s highest form is something that the Sit Means Sit police K-9 division does best. With the advent of modern technology, Sit Means Sit dog training is making it easier for Police departments to have the highest caliber of police dog, but yet maintain control to it’s highest level as well.
Sit Means Sit dog training believes that a police K-9 should be the most highly training dog around, and the general public holds them to that standard as well. The old days of yelling and screaming at dogs are behind us with the Sit Means Sit dog training system. For liability reasons, and to have handlers trained to the highest of standards, more and more police departments are turning to Sit Means Sit dog training. This video shows just some of the many reasons why. This video is also a very clear picture that while many people tout that a remote collar would cause more aggression, it’s very clear here, that through the proper Sit Means Sit dog training system, this is nothing but a fallacy.

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