Puppy Training: Stay on your bed

This puppy training video follows Ashton Fitz-Gerald of Sit Means Sit with his five month old puppy ‘Phender’. Today Ashton is demonstrating how to get your puppy comfortable with staying on a dog bed, in this case it is one of the dog cots that we have available through our online dog supplies store.

You can begin to train your puppy to stay on their bed by beginning with teaching them to go to their bed whenever they eat, or get a treat. It’s very straightforward to guide your dog to their bed using a treat or leash. By feeding, watering and playing with your puppy on their bed, it will develop a connection in their head that good things come when they are on their bed.

Once the dog bed has been linked in the dog’s mind with something of value, it becomes easier to reinforce the concept of staying. By bringing this concept into a formalized dog obedience routine it becomes easy to develop reliable control over your dog, and is a lot easier to train them to stay.

In the below video, Ashton shows us how the concept of having a puppy stay on the bed can be further enhanced by using a Sit Means Sit dog training collar in your dog’s training. Phender already understands the link between the tap from the dog collar and things of value such as food, toys and treats. This makes the transition to staying on his bed fairly easy too. The Sit Means Sit dog training collar allows us to maintain a puppy’s attention, even out when we are out of sight, inside a building. Ashton demonstrates how you can begin building on your dog’s attention using the Sit Means Sit dog training collar with treats and a place cot.

Check out our other puppy training videos here. Please feel free to leave your comments and questions below about training your puppy to stay.

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