Puppy Training: Teaching Heel Using Barriers

In our featured puppy training video for the day, we followed Sit Means Sit trainer Ashton Fitz-Gerald as he demonstrates how to use a variety of barriers along with a Sit Means Sit dog training collar during his training to teach a puppy how to move tightly into a heel position by his side.

Puppy training barriers come in all shapes and forms. Most of which you can find in your very own home. The principal behind the barrier while teaching your puppy to heel is to teach your puppy how to keep their body close and tight to the handler. A physical barrier such as a wall or doorway allows you to lure your puppy into the proper position, while simultaneously conditioning him to perform the task of turning around by your side in a tight and precise manner. By communicating through the Sit Means Sit dog training collar, Ashton can help is puppy achieve greater and greater focus on his reward by channeling and directing his attention into the task at hand.

Sit Means Sit dog trainers love to improvise new training approaches everyday. We are continually raising the bar higher and higher by enhancing the overall dog training picture to get as close to crystal clear as we can. Barriers represent one avenue that you can start introducing to your dog right from the beginning of their puppy training, as well as later on down the road with an adult dog. Many dogs learn to lay-down on command in a sloppy fashion as they are taught without regard for the use of barriers. This can result in a dog that lays-down, but also creeps forward 5-10 feet in the process of doing so.

Barriers also provide the value of being able to give your dog a clear target (as in the case of a curb) to keep their feet on. By having the dog concentrate on keeping his feet up on the curb, you can teach the dog to stay in a tight position by your side while walking. Curbs are also useful to teach your dog safety around the road way. You can teach a puppy to ‘sit’ or ‘lay-down’ at curbs almost automatically by instilling the habit of always stopping at curbs while you are out walking them, or even just checking the mail. Being able to proof these exercises at a distance using a remote dog training collar greatly enhances your ability to maintain precision while you are away from your dog.

The following puppy training video shows how you can use several day-to-day boundaries around the home to teach your puppy how to come to a ‘heel’ position by your side tightly and with clarity.

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Do you have a cool puppy training video you’d like to share with us? Please leave a comment below and share the link with us. We’d love to see your puppy’s training in action.

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