Avoid losing your dog.

How to Avoid Losing Your Dog

Losing your pup is one of the biggest fears in dog owners everywhere. No matter how well trained our furry friend is, there is always a chance they might get startled or scared and run away from you. Unfortunately, one-third of pets will get lost at some point and over 10 million pets get lost every year. While those are some scary statistics, there are things you can do to help protect your dog. You can’t always stop them from getting lost, but it is best to be proactive to ensure you have all the steps in place to easily find them. Here are a few tips to start right now to avoid the scary situation of losing your dog.

Microchip ASAP

If you’ve been putting off microchipping your dog, now is the time to do it. It is one of the easiest ways to get your pup back if they get lost. Whoever finds your dog can easily bring them into a vet or shelter and find you via the unique code on the chip. Be sure you have your current address and phone number updated for the microchip record so your dog can be quickly returned home to you. They cost an average of $45 for the one-time insertion and should last 25 years, or your dog’s entire life.

Pet Tracker

Microchips are helpful if someone finds your dog. But if you don’t believe anyone has found your pup yet and they’re still roaming, you need a different device. The Whistle GPS Pet Tracker is a great tool to use if your dog likes to “explore” often. It sends you a notification if your pup ever leaves a safe zone. You set these zones yourself and can set the perimeters, like your home, backyard, etc. If you get this notification and notice your dog is gone, it’ll show you exactly where your dog went. Then it’ll give you directions to the spot. The tracker costs $79.95, plus a subscription to use the app and services, which runs from $6.95 to $9.95 a month depending on how long you sign up for. This tracker is waterproof and shockproof. Just simply attach it your pup’s collar and your good to go.

Dog Tags

It is important that you always keep your dog’s tags on them at all times. Even when you’re indoors, you should have the collar or tags on since they could bolt out of the house for some reason. Another issue that can happen with tags is the writing or address rubs off. Be sure you are replacing these tags if they are not legible and also keep them up to date. If you move or change phone numbers, fix it immediately.


If you can’t stand the sound of your dog’s tags clanking together, there is another option. DIY your own collar! Find a plain colored collar that is comfortable for your dog. Then use a bright colored yarn and stitch your phone number in the collar. If you make the numbers large enough and use a contrasting color, the rescuer should be able to read it from afar. This also works well if your dog is nervous or skittish and might run away from someone who approaches quickly.

While accidents do happen and even the most watchful people can lose their dog, don’t panic. If you implement these items, you should be able to find your dog in no time!