Training a Fear Aggressive Retriever – Episode 2

Click here to watch Training a Fear Aggressive Retriever – Episode #1 first.

As you began to see in Episode 1 with ‘Timber’ the Chesapeake Bay Retriever, his owners are not exactly confident with his behavior around other dogs. There was even some concern about his behavior around people. As it turns out, ‘Timber’ is a fear aggressive dog. He lacks confidence in day to day situations, and as such as learned that a strong offense is the best defense.

In this episode of dealing with the dog problems of ‘Timber’, Fred Hassen takes the dog and begins the training. It’s good for the owners to see what is possible and for his behavior to change and be consistent for longer and longer periods of time through attention.

It is difficult to teach a dog anything until you have their attention, and this is a head strong Chesapeake Bay Retriever, that we need to turn around so that both owners can handle him comfortably in various situations. The owners of the dog like to do various outside activities, so running into distraction a long the way is certainly realistic.

Once Timber understands the ‘language of the collar’ we can begin to work to build his confidence around dogs and people. Stay tuned for the third episode to see how training with ‘Timber’ the Chesapeake Bay Retriever turns out.

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