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Lab/Pit Mix Never Leaving Mom’s Side

Name: Deb O.

Dog’s Name: Delilah

City: Temple

Zip: 76501

Breed: Lab/Pit Mix

Likes: Mom

Pet-Peeves: Taking meds, other dogs

Favorite Toy: Anything that can be used for fetch

Best Tricks: Sit, no leash needed stays beside me

Arrival Story: A friend rescued the mom and 8 pups. She was going to have to turn them into the pound. I rescued her and she has been my sidekick since. She is 2 years old and loves to go for rides in the car.

Mottto: “Love Giving Pitty Kisses”

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Rocky, The Mini Dachshund Attitude

Name: Roberta L.

Dog’s Name: Rocky Balboa

City: Temple

Zip: 76502

Breed: Mini Dachshund

Likes: Food, Wrestling, Sleeping in mom and dad’s bed

Pet-Peeves: To be spoken to harshly

Favorite Toy: Rope Bone

Favorite Treat: Anything mom drops on floor

Favorite Walk: From the couch to the bed

Best Tricks: Sleeping

Arrival Story: I fell in love with his face and his bio touched my heart. He had elderly owners who surrendered him to CTDR. While in foster care, he had to have a vertebrae in his back fused. He is a fighter…translates to strong willed and stubborn.

Motto: “It’s All About ME”

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Rescued Pup Gets Second Chance

Name: Jonathan L.

Dog’s Name: Leo

City: Temple

Zip: 76502

Breed: Lab Mix

Likes: Treats, walks, swimming, other dogs

Pet-Peeves: Baths and doorbells

Favorite Toy: Kong

Favorite Treat: Any

Best Tricks: Shake

Arrival Story: Rescued from Second Chance Animal Shelter eighteen months ago.

Bio: Leo was originally purchased from a pet store in Killeen mall and surrendered to Second Chance Shelter after one year.

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Rescued Off The Highway

Name: David and Mary Lew Q.

Dog’s Name: Ozzie 190

City: Temple

Zip: 76502

Breed: Mutt

Likes: Fetch

Pet-Peeves: Closed doors and the word “No”

Favorite Toy: Squeaky tennis ball

Favorite Treat: Deli turkey

Favorite Walk: Through the field at the end of the street

Best Trick: High Five

Arrival Story: We were driving through the intersection of 1670 and Hwy 190 access road. We saw a tiny black dog dodging traffic and stopped to catch it. We drove through two different neighborhoods looking for the owner.

Bio: Ozzie’s birthday is unknown (probably August 2013). He is a terrier mix of some kind. He was approximately four months old when found.

Motto: “It is always “Turkey” time somewhere!

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The French Bulldog That’s All About “Me”

Name: Trudy W

Dog’s Name: Sophie

City: Temple

Zip: 76502

Breed: French Bulldog

Likes: To play ball

Favorite Toy: Ball

Favorite Treat: Blue Wilderness Organic Cookies

Favorite Walk: Neighborhood

Arrival Story: Sophie came to us on 4/8/13 from Iowa. She got here at 11:30 p.m. and we were all tired. She got along with our frenchies, Jake and Tator. The minute she woke up, she wanted to play and has been that way ever since.

Bio: My name is Sophie and I love my home and my two brothers. I love to play with toys, but mom and dad wear out too soon. I love to go on walks and I love to take my brother’s toys from them. I can play with two toys at once! Mommy says I’m a character (whatever that is). It’s all about ME and life would be better for me if they would realize that! I will keep working on it!

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Golden Doodle Service Dog Learns To Work Around Many Distractions

Name: Peggy and Kris S.

Dog’s Name: Marcus

City: Temple

Zip: 76502

Breed: Golden Doodle

Likes: Fetch, attention, running

Pet Peeves: Strangers, balloons, tall men with hats and loud noises

Favorite Toy: Squeaky Pig

Favorite Treat: Pupperoni

Favorite Walk: In the country

Best Tricks: Sit, Down, Check, Closer and Go In

Arrival Story: He is a service dog for my son to help with autism. We picked Marcus up in TN from the Wilderwood Service Dog organization in December 2010.

Bio: Marcus is a very loving dog. He can get too excited at times and then has trouble listening. He accepts change but gets very nervous. He likes to do his job but gets distracted often.

Motto: “All work and no play make Marcus a dull boy.”

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Name: Rod and Benita H.

Dog’s Name: Bella

City: Temple

Zip: 76502

Breed: Great Dane

Likes: Toys, Runs, Walks, Snuggling and Yummies

Pet Peeves: Squirrels in her yard and Not getting her attention when she wanted

Favorite Toy: Too many to list – depends on the day and her interest

Favorite Treat: Chewy, soft treats

Favorite Walk: Lion’s Park

Best Tricks: Sits and Shakes Hands

Arrival Story: Fostered Bella as a rescue. Adopted in one day. She loves to ride in the truck and enjoys being petted and everything revolving around her. She brings love and joy to our household.

Bio: Just over two years old now.


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The Great Pyrenees Keeps Owners Busy

Name: John and Natalie R.

Dog’s Name: Riley

Zip Code: 76502

Breed: Anatolian Shepherd/Great Pyrenees Mix

Likes: His tummy to be rubbed and playing fetch with sticks

Pet-Peeves: Messing with his food

Favorite Toy: Kong, Sticks, and his own tail

Favorite Treat: Peanut Butter and Bones

Favorite Walk: Anywhere

Best Tricks: Rollover and Hand Shake

Arrival Story: Riley was brought home by my wife three months before we got married. She went to look at some things for the wedding and came back with a puppy. Timing may not have been perfect  but we would change a thing.

Bio: Riles loves people and other dogs – and our bed! He is very sweet but can be very stubborn. He has lots of energy and loves to be outside. He was the first pick of eight puppies and his mom’s job was to guard goats on a farm. Needless to say, he keeps us busy.

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Hyper Shih Tzu Learns to Control Energy

Name: Tom and Nancy C.

Dog’s Name: Sassy Cassey

City: Temple

Zip: 76502

Breed: Shih Tzu

Likes: People

Pet-Peeves: Bath and Grooming

Favorite Toy: Stuffed longhorn football

Favorite Treat: Baby carrots and milk bones

Favorite Walk: Anywhere

Arrival Story: Arrived in our home at nine weeks old. She slept with papa on couch the first week and bonded with him. It was no time at all before she became spoiled rotten.

Bio: Father was champion show dog and mother was daughter of european champion show dog.

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What was your initial reason for calling Sit Means Sit Dog Training?

“When we adopted Callie, she was very high energy and at times uncontrollable. We noticed she was tearing up the yard and ripping all our outdoor couch cushions. We wanted to be able to leave her in the yard while we were gone during the day, but after she chewed off our window sill that wasn’t looking like an option. Sit Means Sit was Callie’s last option.”

Please describe your experience and how your dog is doing now.

“This experience has been transformational for Callie. She is still the same fun, loving dog we hoped for but now we are actually able to enjoy having her in the house, and we are able to leave her in the yard during the day. She’s learned so much and in such a short time. The group classes have helped her calm down and still be obedient even with the distractions of other dogs. We are so proud of our well behaved pup!”

-Justin & Becca B. (Temple, TX)

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