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Are you embarrassed by your dog jumping on people or running away when you call? Are you tired of your dog destroying your property ?  Thousands of dogs are sent to the pound because of behavior and dog obedience problems, but it doesn’t have to come to that.  Our training system can turn your dog around and give your dog a better life!

Sit Means Sit is on the cutting edge of the dog training world! We can help you achieve the results you want and strive for the highest level of training satisfaction and customer service. Our goal is to educate you on how to effectively communicate with your dog. Sit Means Sit of Fort Worth can not only correct bad behaviors, but offers dog training that will make your dog one you are proud to show off to your friends. We offer proven techniques that will get you results faster than traditional styles of dog training. Our method does not rely on pain, force, or bribery. We will get consistent, reliable results for you and your dog. This dog training system is gentle, safe, and allows you to gain your dogs attention for effective communication.

We offer a FREE demonstration with our dog and yours. Before any decisions are made you will see how our system works. Please take a look at our dog training videos and dog training testimonial sections to get an idea of what Sit Means Sit can do for you. We look forward to meeting you and your dog!

Sit Means Sit of Fort Worth

Read what they are saying about our Sit Means Sit Fort Worth Dog Training!

Before: As of September 2008, our dogs Sadie & Dutchess had:
• Severe aggression toward other dogs/animals and each other.
• Killed a small dog and several chickens
• Aggression toward strangers, started to have aggression toward our friends
• Couldn’t take them anywhere in public
• They were severely unstable & unpredictable
• Monstrous around food
• Sadie attacked and bit Luke on the first night of training

After “Sit means Sit” dog training (three lessons and four weeks of 15 min a day home training).
As of October, 2008:
• “Come” when called, “Sit” and stay when asked
• Sit in their “place” for up to 30 minutes & go down when asked
• Learning to “leave” food alone
• Stop when told “off.”
• Take to the park every day for a walk/run around other dogs of all sizes
• No aggression toward other dogs or animals
• No aggression toward humans (except those that walk outside our fence.)
• Stay within our yard & leave the chickens alone
• We can take them in the car anywhere
• They are the best pets we could ever have!

If I had known it would have been this pleasant I would have called Sit Means Sit when they were
puppies. At first I thought you were crazy thinking you could
train my dogs and I in such a short time, but you did what you said you would do. Amazing. It was great working
with you. God bless you,

Darren & Marnie Peterson: Double Oak, TX

Before – Kiera was a rescue dog we took in when she was only 10 weeks old. Right when she
turned 9 months, she began fighting with and injuring our first dog, a 30 lb beagle named Hollie.
Kiera, would turn on Hollie at a moment’s notice, turning our little
household upside down. My husband and I had to carefully monitor both dogs to make sure
that they were securely separated at all times. It was a horrible time to deal with, as we wanted
them to be friends and be good company for each other. It got so bad that my husband ended
up getting injured while trying to separate one of the many dogfights. We began looking at different shelters and organizations who would be willing
to take her in, for fear that she would seriously hurt or kill Hollie. That’s when I found ‘Sit
Means Sit’. From the very first visit to our house, Luke was so reassuring and had full
confidence in his system. He assured me that, if we stuck with his program, Kiera would
become a well behaved pet and would be controllable. I was so skeptical, but we were out of
options and decided to give it a try.

After – we saw changes in Kiera from the very first class. After our individual classes had been
completed, we had a perfectly well behaved, sweet natured dog who finally had a way to
control her endless energy. Now, the two dogs play together on a daily basis and we have not
had one single incident since ‘Sit Means Sit’ entered our lives. We can take her to the dog park
or out on a trail anytime we want to, and know without a bit of doubt that she will always come
when called, leave it when we ask her to, and obey us 100%. It is the greatest feeling in the
world, and has enabled our family to come together more than I thought would be possible. If
your dog has an issue, they can solve it and I am so grateful to Sit Means Sit for that!

George and Rachel – Arlington Texas.

Before: ‘Sirius’ (Miniature Dachshund) was a wonderful dog so long as his entire world consisted of being inside the house with
only immediate family. He couldn’t walk on a leash. If the doorbell rang he went wild. We had to hold
him and restrain him to answer the door and he would often bolt out the door and run from us as we
chased him around the neighborhood. Passing cars and trucks drove him crazy and he’d run after them
barking wildly. He liked when other people came to visit but he’d jump on them and wildly lick them and
often he’d have to go to his kennel in another room for us to entertain. Alone he was a loving lap dog but
no one but us saw that side of him. We knew he was smart and could get him to perform basic
obedience commands like sit and lay down but only if enticed by a treat. He was willful and
obeyed when he felt like it and didn’t when it did not suit him. We wanted to take him places and to be
able to walk him at the park but it was impossible. We loved him but we couldn’t control him and it was
terrible that the only place he could go outside was in our fenced backyard.

After: After only a few sessions with Sit Means Sit there was in immeasurable change in Sirius. We learned
to get his attention in a positive way and to reward his good behavior so exuberantly he wanted to
repeat it again and again. Now, when he sees the leash and collar come out he runs to us and
lays down and waits for them to be put on. He loves his training time and he can now walk on a loose
leash. He can go out in the front yard and play as normal traffic, both pedestrian and on the road pass,
Now we can walk in the neighborhood. We can go to the park. We can have company over. We can
take him with us to Starbucks and he will sit and enjoy our company. He has always been a big part of
our lives but now, because he can behave, he is an even bigger part of our lives and able to participate
more. Just this weekend I was working in the garage and I was able to put the collar on him and have
him come outside with me as I worked. He would wander into the yard but came back when called and I
could tell he loved being able to be outside with me. I swear I saw him smiling up at me but I’m not sure
who had the bigger smile. His transformation is nothing short of miraculous.

Jesse and Dawn Lee, Flower Mound Texas.