Our training programs vary considerably from dog to dog. They vary both in the structure and layout of our programs as well as in the cost and duration of the training. Each of our training programs is custom tailored to your specific situation. There are a number of factors that we evaluate prior to building a training package for you such as your dog’s age, temperament, previous training, as well as your training goals.  In order to give you a fair quote on training costs, we offer a free demonstration and consultation.  This is an opportunity for us to meet with your family as well as your dog and gain insight into the unique circumstances that affect your dog’s training.

You can compare our service to another type of service, like auto repair.  Let’s say that your car is making a clicking sound, so you call up the mechanic.  VW Beatle and Westie Smiling Out WindowYou say to him, “My car is making a clicking sound.  How much will it cost to fix it?”  Of course, the mechanic will tell you that he needs to take a look at the car to give you a realistic estimate.  The clicking sound could be caused by a variety of issues. It could be something easy and inexpensive to repair, or it could be something more complicated.  The only way for the mechanic to know for sure is to take a look at your car.  The same thing applies to dog training.  In order to accurately tell you what we think it will take to get your dog to where you want, we need to take a look at the dog.

We don’t charge you for the evaluation, however, it is absolutely essential in order to give you a realistic price quote regarding further training.  The free evaluation takes one hour or less and will give you a fair opportunity to decide if Sit Means Sit is the training that you want to go with.  Keep in mind, that anyone who says that they can train your dog, should be willing and able to show you their level of training with one of their dogs and most importantly, show you how their training works with your dog.

Our Puppy/Housebreaking program starts at $199.  Our prices go up from there and include private in-home training, group classes, or board & train programs.  Please give us a call at 608-561-DOGS (3647) or use our contact form and we’ll call you to schedule your free evaluation.