San Antonio Dog Training: Pit Mix Known As Cuddle Bug!

Client’s Name:KarenBrin Pitcher

Dog’s Name: “Brin”

City: San Antonio

Breed: Pit Mix

Likes:Tug, chew, play, take walks and cuddle. Small living things…cats, dogs, raccoons, squirrels.

Pet-Peeves:Large living things…dogs and deer.OH…and taking a bath!

Favorite Toy:Anything that squeaks, can be torn apart or tugged with.

Favorite Treat: Just about anything.

Favorite Walk: Parks work out the best, she is most aggressive on walks around the neighborhood (however, she spends most of her walks in the neighborhood).

Best Trick: Sleeping…

Arrival Story: I adopted her from the City of SA Animal Care Center the end of January 2015. She was 8 months old and had been mistreated and was very malnourished, weighing only 20 lbs. Within 3 months she weighed over 50 lbs and began to be a true puppy.

Why Training with Sit Means Sit:Once she “grew into herself”, she become very aggressive on a leash.I have two 10 year old dogs and I walk them all together. I need to be able to control all three without worry that Brin will hurt someone.

Motto:Shadow, Cuddle-bug, Playful!

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San Antonio Dog Training: Havanese Walks Great With Her Buddy!

Sable AndrusClient’s Name:Diana

Dog’s Name: “Sable”

City: San Antonio

Breed: Havanese

Likes:Playing at the park, being petted.

Pet-Peeves:Alone time in the backyard, sudden movements.

Favorite Toy:Bully sticks, soft stuffies.

Favorite Treat: People food.

Favorite Walk: Doesn’t like to walk on the lease but will walk with her buddy along side.

Best Trick: Working on this.

Arrival Story: Was adopted from breeder in Alabama. Wanted as a playmate for other Havanese girl, 2ys old. Was shy from day one but has bonded to her buddy and other household pets now.

Why Training with Sit Means Sit:Lacks confidence and hard to potty train. Doesn’t focus for very long.

Motto:Sitting in the Shadows. She likes to observe and will venture a little bit but not sure enough to completely participate.

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Keeping Dogs and People Safe with Dis-In-Fx

Inquisitive DogHere at Sit Means Sit you and your dog’s health is very important to us. We have always used pet safe and effective cleaning and disinfecting products. However, we wanted to make things even safer so we partnered with Dis-In-Fx and their Germ-Safe program. The good news is they pre-test the facility and we, “had some of the lowest microbial readings he has seen pre-treatment”. So we were already super clean and keeping your pets safe!


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Austin Dog Training: Great Dane Loves Playing With The Cat!

Artemis GrahamClient’s Name:Nick

Dog’s Name: “Artemis”

City: Austin

Breed: Great Dane

Likes:Fetch, Playing with the cat, Dog parks and Zilker park, Tug of war, Cuddling.

Pet-Peeves:Water – unknown! Would like to change! New people are scary.

Favorite Toy:Kong – food puzzle. Likes to chase it chew it and carry it around.

Favorite Treat: Anything that smells good!Bananas!

Favorite Walk: Juice land – they give carrots! Zilker park – can run free and meet lots of other dogs!

Best Trick: Sit – dependent on situation! Usually followed by exit of crate or food.

Arrival Story: Catherine had always wanted a Dane, we found a breeder in Fort Worth and got a last minute drop out so we moved up the waiting list!

Why Training with Sit Means Sit:She is a sweet dog, but very protective of the house and nervous with new people!


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Yelp!: Already I’ve seen a HUGE Improvement

Stephanie B.

Austin, TX

5 Start Yelp Review

My dog is only 3 private lessons with Carrie in, and already I’ve seen a HUGE improvement. My boxer is pretty well behaved in most situations, but has terrible leash reactivity, as well as some boundary issues. After just 3 lessons, I already feel way more confident taking her for walks when we might encounter other dogs. Her eye contact is improving, and her manners around the house (which were already pretty good) are almost perfect! We have group lessons to look forward to. That, along with lots of practice will most definitely result in the well-behaved, trustworthy pup I’ve been wanting.

A note about the e-collar. I know it is controversial, but I was absolutely convinced of its effectiveness and humaneness after a long talk with Carrie. I also tried it out on myself on various levels and it really does feel more like a tingle than a shock. It’s used to get the dog’s attention, and never as a punishment. Because my dog is responding so well, and never shows any traits of being “stressed out”, bothered, or in pain when I use it, I’m absolutely sold on this method.

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Yelp!: They loved our girl and were awesome!

Brandy Y.
5 Start Yelp! Review
San Antonio Tx

Great DaneWe contacted Sit Means Sit after being at our wits end with our Great Dane Maizey. She was bat crazy! We scheduled a demo with them and was impressed but skeptical….we opted to do the board and train as we both work long hours and Maizey needed lots of attention to get her behavior under control. It’s not cheap, but Maizey deserved to be a part of our family and not just stuck in a kennel, so we gave it a shot.

We chose to have Donnie train her as having met him at the demo we thought he would be successful with her. When we dropped her off he asked us what our expectations of her training were, basically what we wanted to accomplish. He was honest about what he thought he could accomplish with her. During the two weeks we received videos and updates on her progress.

Wow! The first video we were blown away! When it was time to pick her up it was a little different story. She was highly distracted by our presence . If you use this service DO NOT LET THIS DISSAPOINT YOU! Once we got home Maizey finally got to be a part of our family. She was well behaved enough to be walked everyday, enjoy evenings outside with us, and just be a normal dog in our household. We have had our first lesson and Donnie says we are doing well. Training is on going and we are committed for our dog because she deserves it.

We can’t say enough about Donnie and everyone at SIT MEANS SIT. They loved our girl and were awesome! Thank you thank you thank you! My six year old walked our 70 pound Great Dane for the first time if that tells you anything!

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San Antonio Dog Training: Australian Cattle Dog Mix The Protector!

Bella Koerner
Client’s Name:Laura

Dog’s Name: “Bella”

City: Fair Oaks Ranch

Breed: Australian Cattle Dog Mix

Likes:Playing fetch, Swimming, Being a work companion in our home office.

Pet-Peeves:Walk on a leash. Playing in the backyard alone… really anything away from the family.

Favorite Toy:Orange Ball; chewing it and catching it.

Favorite Treat: Greenies.

Favorite Walk: Any wide open field where she can play fetch.

Best Trick: Still working on this.

Arrival Story: We found Bella at the San Antonio SPCA. We loved her the second we saw her. We wanted to have our daughters to grow up with a dog.

Why Training with Sit Means Sit:We want to be able to take Bella almost anywhere we go and feel comfortable around other dogs.

Motto:Bella the Protector; she loves to oversee everyone in the house and chooses a location where she can see us all.

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