Austin Dog Training: Flat Coated Retriever Likes Cuddling And Car Rides!

Lexi HofmeisterClient’s Name:Elizabeth

Dog’s Name: “Lexi”

City: Pflugerville

Breed: Flat Coated Retriever

Likes:Play Ball, Chase, Walks to the Park, Car Rides, Cuddling and More.

Pet-Peeves:Being approached by surprise – throws her off guard.

Favorite Toy:Tennis Ball-Tennis Ball & Nylabone Toys (Tough)

Favorite Treat: Cheese

Favorite Walk: To the park.

Best Trick: Sitting and shaking for a treat.

Arrival Story: We adopted Lexi from Austin Dog Rescue after a friend of our’s shared the liter pics. We fell in love before meeting her and then all over again when we met her in November of 2012.

Why Training with Sit Means Sit:To reduce her anxiety and to help us work with Lexi better.

Motto:Ooozies and Gooozies – My husband playing with Lexi and this was a noise that she made, ever since it’s been a phrase we use with her.

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Austin Dog Training: German Shepherd Ball Chasing Machine!

Dakota AlexanderClient’s Name:Melanie

Dog’s Name: “Dakota”

City: Round Rock

Breed: German Shepherd

Likes:Playtime with other dogs.

Pet-Peeves:Bath, not sure why.

Favorite Toy:Ball – chasing, chewing, putting it under the couch so I have to get it.

Favorite Treat: Chicken, lamb lung, Smart Squares, Authority’s sweet potato and chicken, BilJack (Original Recipe).

Favorite Walk: To the park to chase the ball.

Best Trick: Catching the ball when tossed.

Arrival Story: She came to me from a breeder in northern California. I had researched breeders, looking for one that cared about temperament and solid health issues. I waited 6 months, through 4 litters, as the breeder was well respected and had a waiting list. She was one of 10 pups, and was shipped to me at 9 weeks old (breeder kept the pups an extra week because they were a few days early and it was a large litter).

Why Training with Sit Means Sit:She is a very smart dog and requires training to be well mannered. I want the best dog around and want to work her in some activity. I had heard of Sit Means Sit from a few people who had trained there.

Motto:Awesome. She is beautiful, smart, learns fast, and I love her.

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San Antonio Dog Training: Golden Chow Loves Eating Ice!

Client’s Name:Matt and Megan

Dog’s Name: “Moses”

City: San AntonioMoses Neel

Breed: Golden Chow

Likes:Moses really likes to lay on his back with his legs spread open. Moses spent most of puppyhood with small dogs and has no idea that he is bigger than them. Moses likes to spend time sitting on your lap or cuddling.

Pet-Peeves:He isn’t fond of people touching his butt. He also dislikes the laundry basket, any plastic storage totes, and a wooden baby gate. His “time on the streets” made him a tough guy and he isn’t bothered one bit by thunder or fireworks.


Favorite Treat: Moses doesn’t like traditional dog treats but he LOVES ice!

Favorite Walk: ANY WALK! Moses loves to spend time outside and watch birds, squirrels, frogs, and all that nature has to offer!

Best Trick: Moses doesn’t do too many tricks, he spends too much of his time being absolutely adorable. Every once and a while he will enjoy a good old fashioned “middle school” slow dance with Megan!

Arrival Story: Matt is a paramedic and was washing his ambulance behind the station at the end of his shift. There is a small creek/river that runs behind the parking lot. All of the sudden an adorable puppy came walking up, splashing in every puddle he could find. This cute baby came up from the river without a name so Moses seemed to be most fitting. After an unsuccessful search for his owners Moses made his forever home with Matt, Megan, and new sister Ginger!

Why Training with Sit Means Sit:Moses has always shown that he is a very smart boy but his house lacked the structure necessary for him to use all his smarts. Matt and Megan picked Sit Means Sit to offer Moses a fun structure that he could thrive in.

Motto:Look dumb, be smart.Why sleep on a mattress when tile is so comfortable? Ice tastes better than treats.Tug of war is more fun than fetch.

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San Antonio Dog Training: Yellow Lab Known As Trouble Maker!

Bodie KayserClient’s Name:Carla

Dog’s Name: “Bodie”

City: San Antonio

Breed: Yellow Lab

Likes:Getting into trouble! Chewing on his brother (the gold dog in the photo), playing tug, running in the yard, chewing his elk antler.

Pet-Peeves:Stay in his crate.Get a wipe down with a baby wipe.Wait….for anything.

Favorite Toy:Green rubber dog he carries around. Doesn’t eat it, just carries it around.

Favorite Treat: Anything the other two dogs get. He is happy with a couple of puppy food bits or a small milk bone.

Favorite Walk: The back yard – no leash.The yard at the vet – think he likes the new smells

Best Trick: Shake is his only trick.

Arrival Story: I got him from a breeder in Lytle. He was homely, but sweet. He was 2 mos old then.I wanted another dog to start training in anticipation of my older dog’s eventual demise. (9 1/2 yr old lab) I had gotten a chocolate lab in Nov 2014, but he was killed in an accident trying to play with two large dogs who were fighting at 4 mos old Dudley was his name. Bodie was Dudley’s replacement.

Why Training with Sit Means Sit:I do not have the stamina to work with two growing lab puppies that are just 2 mos apart in age. I need help getting them started on their behavior. I am hoping that you will be able to get them to a point to where they can train together, I will be able to have command and control!

Motto:Demon Dog is his nickname right now. I think that says it all. Momma’s boy.Shadow would have been a more descriptive name than Bodie…….

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Puppy Training

Puppy-TrainingWhen you bring a brand new puppy into your home there is no doubt that life gets just a little more exciting. From having an adorable little fur ball running around your home, to finding “not so nice surprises” on your carpet, there is definitely an adjustment period that comes with a lot of love but also a lot of frustration.

Not to worry though, the professional trainers at Sit Means Sit have years of experience teaching puppies the skills they need to grow into kind, polite and great dogs! The skills we focus on the most include socialization, household training, activity training, and responsibility. With the skills your puppy learns from these specific training sessions, you will be able to sit back and relax with confidence, knowing your new little ball of energy isn’t terrorizing your home.

Puppy Puppytraining is also a great tool to prepare your dog for more advanced training courses that will teach them to play an active role in both their family and community and to have strong obedience so your dog can “be a dog” safely.  It is up to you how far you take training your puppy, but we think it is in the very least, important to give your puppy the tools they need to make your home a pleasant one.

We encourage you to take a look at the behavioral and obedience training course we have to offer – including Private Puppy Classes and Group Puppy Classes, or schedule a free consultation today! Your puppy thanks you ahead of time for teaching them how to avoid getting into trouble!

Contact Us

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Hyper Dogs / Off Leash Obedience

Hyper DogsOwning a dog that is full of energy and life can definitely be exciting. But this excitement is often accompanied by frustration and exhaustion as time goes on and the hyper lifestyle of your dog does not cool down.

Leash training for dogs in AustinFor breeds like Pit bulls, Boxers, German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois and basically any breed of puppy, finding the right techniques to combat their excessive energy can be very difficult. Not to worry though, our team of professionals have been trained and prepared to successfully work with any level of excitement, at any stage in your dog’s life.

We understand that depending on what stage of life your dog is in, the reasoning for their hyperactivity can range in cause. Some of the most common causes for hyperactivity are lack of boundaries, lack of exercise, lack of understanding between the owner and the dog, or even a lack of understanding of the consequences of their behavior. Because we understand that there are different causes and levels of hyperactivity, our trainers are able to help you bridge any gaps between you and your dog, as well as give you the tools you need to harness your dog’s energy for productive tasks!

Our professional trainers will teach you and your dog how to use their energy to play fetch, learn new skills and entertain themselves. We go one step further than simply teaching them these energy output skill though. We also help you to teach your dog boundaries and how to resist distractions (skills that are incredibly necessary with off leash obedience).
Happy Dogs at PlayWhen it does come down to off leash obedience, teaching your dog to follow proper etiquette can be incredibly important. Luckily our professional trainers have years of experience getting dogs to listen to proper commands and obey boundaries that you have set.

Our goal in all of this training is to assist you as a dog owner in learning to maintain and harness your dog’s energy in the most appropriate way.

So, if you think it’s about time to get a little help controlling your dog, please contact us at 512-348-7833 to schedule your free consultation.

Contact Us

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San Antonio Dog Training:Yellow Lab Known As The Golden Boy!

Moose KayserClient’s Name:Carla

Dog’s Name: “Mr.Moose”

City: San Antonio

Breed: Yellow Lab

Likes:Chew on his stuffed animals and elk antlers. Anything that allows him to lay down.

Pet-Peeves:Eye drops. He has allergies.

Favorite Toy:Toss up between the pink elephant and a Pepsi bottle.

Favorite Treat: Milk Bones.

Favorite Walk: The neighborhood. He likes the attention from the kids.

Best Trick: Working on this.

Arrival Story: I went for Bodie and saw Moose Limping at the breeder. It was apparent the breeder did not care about his health so I brought him home. I discovered that he had broken his R ankle at about 2 mos. He walked on the thing for 4 months. It has now been repaired and we are in the process of training his mind and body. I need to get him in water therapy to build up the atrophied leg.

Why Training with Sit Means Sit:I would like to eventually certify Moose as a Service Dog to aid me with my MS. He has to be well trained. From all I hear, you are the best school in town.

Motto:Moosie Goosie is his nickname.He is focused and wants to please at all times. He has a goofy personality and a smile on his face most of the time.He is my Golden Boy.

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Donnie Danford Dog Trainer Bio

Donnie DanfordI have always been an animal lover! Every since I was old enough to be outside by myself, I’ve been bringing animals home. It started with dogs, then gerbils, then salamanders, then snakes and birds, ferrets and fish. My mom was scared of just about everything I brought home so I learned quickly how to take care of things. Growing up I was sure I would be a veterinarian…but my life took different paths. 

My dad has been breeding dogs for almost 20 years. It wasn’t until he started breeding Great Danes with Bull Mastiffs that I decided to help, which was almost 7 years ago. When these dogs reached 170-180lbs I realized that’s too much dog trying to wrestle and give hugs. They’re great dogs, but no one told them that they are not lap dogs. I was able to push them off, but my 3 yr old daughter wasn’t able to master that.

At one point I saw one of my males drag my wife across the street and I realized that something had to be done! I researched and talked to local trainers and learned enough to get by. After training my dads dogs and my own, neighbors noticed the difference in the dogs and asked if I could also help them. That is when I realized how much joy I get out of helping people co-habitate with their dogs. It is not good for the dog or family to have to revolve their life around the dog; or when family won’t visit because your pup is out of control; or you actually lose a good dog because you don’t know how to handle aggression problems or it runs across the street and gets hit by a car.

I’ve had the privilege of working with three of the major types of training and I wish I would have learned about Sit Means Sit training from the start! I love how effective our training is. And the bond you build with your dog is amazing. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I hope to get into competitive work with my dogs at some point because I think a working dog in motion and performing a job is a thing of beauty!

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