San Antonio Dog Training: Catahoula Mix Thinks She’s a Cat and Wants To Hang With the Cats!

Client’s Name:Erika

Dog’s Name: “May”

City: San Antonio

Breed: Catahoula Mix

Likes:Belly rubs, pulling all toys out of basket one by one, running

Pet-Peeves:Going outside alone. Cats that wont play.

Favorite Toy:Stuffed Brown bear. Stuffed Chicken. May carries these toys around in her mouth most of the time throwing them up in the air at times chasing them.

Favorite Treat: Peanut Butter Kong treats. Dingo rawhides.

Favorite Walk: Anywhere

Best Trick: Still working on them

Arrival Story: On my birthday (in May) I offered to go to a dog adoption event with a close friend who volunteered with the rescue foundation doing the event. With no intention of having a dog (I have always been a cat person) this dog was at the adoption event and I was instantly attracted to her. I will say it was truly love at first sight. Unsure of how I would be as a dog owner I took May in as a foster while deep down knowing that I would never be able to give here back. The first 24 hours was the hardest. I was so worried how the melding of a cat family with a dog would be. After getting through the first night I knew this dog was going to be forever ours. She truly is an amazing addition to our family and I can’t remember life without her.

Why Training With Sit Means Sit: May is a truly sweet and loving dog, but very submissive and lacks confidence. She follows basic commands but I feel she can do so much more. Also being a new dog owner I feel I need some education on dog ownership and training is a way for me to further develop my relationship with May.

Motto: “I can do what the cats do mom.” Despite being 38lbs May snuggles just like the cats she lives with. She totally is a snuggle buddy and wants to be where the cats are.

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Trainers Give Back to Rescues

For Immediate Release
July 21, 2014
Austin, TX – Sit Means Sit Austin and San Antonio, is proud to announce that for every new client with a rescue dog that signs up with them, 10% of the sales will be donated to a rescue of their choice. In addition, military personnel can choose to donate to Dogs On Deployment where dogs are fostered while the owners are deployed. Dogs are often given up because of lack of training. We want to thank the rescue organizations and our customers for rescuing a dog. By committing to a training program, these dogs are more likely to be in their forever home. Our premier dog training programs ensure happy, confident and obedient dogs – as well as happy, confident proud owners.

“We are very excited to be able to give back to the rescue community in this way”, said Troy Pfeifer, local franchise owner. “They give so much to these wonderful dogs who are usually given up before they are ever given a chance.”

Sit Means Sit offers free consultations and demonstrations to determine problem behaviors, assess training goals, show their own dog’s ability, and determine together if a partnership to train the client and their dog is in order. To schedule a free consultation, call (512) 348-7833.

*   *   *

Established in 2006, Sit Means Sit is the largest U.S. based dog training company. With its first location and corporate headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada, Sit Means Sit has truly revolutionized dog training. The company started franchising in 2009, and there are now over 90 locations throughout the US, Canada. Sit Means Sit has been featured on several media outlets include Animal Planet, the Outdoor Channel and ESPN. For more information, call (702) 877-4581, toll free at (866) Sit-M-Sit (748-6748) or visit

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July 15th Is National Pet Fire Safety Day

Pet Fire Safety DayCentral Texas gets pretty hot in July, but it could get a lot hotter for you and your canine pal if you ignore the basics of fire safety. This is especially true during the super-dry summers we tend to get around here. That’s why the american Kennel Club, in association with ADT Security, first created National Pet Fire Safety Day a few years ago. This July 15th marks yet another day for owners to make some simple changes that might save everyone in the home, including your dog.

Pet Fire Safety Steps

Obviously, the best way to cope with a potential fire is to prevent it. If you have an open flame anywhere near your pet, supervise the situation carefully and extinguish that open flame the instant you’re done with it. Curious canines can and will start fires without meaning to!  In many cases it makes sense to substitute electrical replacements, such as flameless candles instead of real ones. Cover or remove the control knobs for your stove before leaving your dog alone in the house. Last but not least, while you should always give your outdoor dog plenty of water, don’t place a glass bowl full of water on a wooden deck; the glass can focus the sun’s rays on the wood and start a fire.

Pets Inside StickerMake sure you have a sign for the fire and police so they know you have pets in the house. There are lots of companies that make signs you can stick in your window. The ASPCA even offers a free pet safety kit with stickers.

Protect your pets, and yourselves, this National Pet Fire Safety Day. We wish you a safe summer!

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Chloe Is a Happy Girl Who Learns To Walk Next To Her Dads Wheelchair…Off Leash!

Danielle with Sit Means Sit Austin [] had a very excited lab mix (Chloe) for 2 weeks that she needed to teach to walk next to the client while he was in his wheelchair. The client also preferred that Chloe be off leash for this! Danielle had great success! Chloe is a very happy girl who wags her tail all the time and just wants to say hi to everyone and every dog around her. She learned great attention and recall around distractions as well as walking next to her dad’s wheelchair.

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Hildegard Learns To Be More Confident and Not So Fearful!!

Krystal with Sit Means Sit San Antonio [] had her handsfull with Hildegard, the shepherd mix that was very fearful. She had a tendency to bite out of fear. Krystal was very gentle with her and showed Hildegard through obedience how to be the happy, confident girl we knew she could be!

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Create Your Own Canine Agility Course

dog agilityYou’ve probably seen dogs on TV negotiating some amazing obstacles courses as a display of their agility, intelligence and obedience. But have you ever thought about creating an agility course for your own dog? Assuming you have the requisite space on your property, an agility course offers lots of benefits for your canine friend, including a terrific physical workout, a healthy mental challenge – and, of course, a lot of fun! Continue reading

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Mental Stimulation: Why “Mind Games” Are Good for Your Dog

If you’ve always thought of “mind games” as a bad thing, you may need to rethink your opinion when it comes to dogs. Mental stimulation is just as important as physical exercise in maintaining your dog’s well being. Challenged dogs are happy dogs!

Dogs In Thought

Some working breeds are so intelligent that they go a little crazy when their masters fail to give them jobs to do, puzzles to solve and obstacles to overcome. Border Collies, for instance, are famous for their ability to herd sheep precisely and untiringly. But if they have nothing to do, that herding savvy can manifest itself as nipping at people’s heels or attempting to “herd” your kids! A bored dog can also become a highly destructive dog, so if your value your shoes and furniture, you need to keep your mentally engaged.

Continue reading

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Murphy, The Strong and Overpowering German Shepherd Learns To Be A Better Family Member!

Jacob with Sit Means Sit San Austin had a tough one with Murphy. Terrible on leash, jumped on people, nipped hands, wouldn’t listen to anyone, the list goes on. After one week of our board and train immersion, watch to see the difference Jacob made with Murphy!

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San Antonio Dog Training: Shepherd Mix Loves To Pick Out Her Own Toys At The Petstore!

Client’s Name:Naomi

Dog’s Name: “Angel”

City: Helotes

Breed: Mix breed

Likes:Angel loves to play with her two little fur brothers. They run around, chew on each other, and play with toys together. Then they all crash for a nap together.

Pet-Peeves:She does not like to come to me. I have never been sure of why this is since I have never done anything to hurt her but she simply does not like to come to me unless it is something she wants to do.

Favorite Toy:Angel has a toy that has a head with a ball body and rope arms and legs. She picked this toy out for herself at PetsMart and it has always been her favorite.

Favorite Treat: Angel’s favorite treats are these Kirkland brand dental chews. They stink but she loves them. They no longer sell them so guess she will have to find a new favorite.

Favorite Walk: I think any walk is the best for her. She is all about the walk. I have never taken her on a walk that she did not seem to really enjoy.

Best Trick: So far she doesn’t do any tricks…..maybe one day.

Arrival Story: I met Angel and her foster Mother at a Starbuck’s on the afternoon of June 19, 2013. As soon as I saw her I knew I wanted to take her home….which I did that very afternoon. A friend showed me a picture of a couple of her siblings that were up for adoption through CARE. When I called about the ones I saw in the paper they had both been adopted but I was told that there were still a couple of siblings from that litter that were available. I had wanted another white German Shepherd and in the description of Angel’s Mother is said she was half white German Shepherd and half Cattle dog. Later I found out Angel’s Mother only weighed 25 pounds and was not very big….which led me to believe she really didn’t have any German Shepherd in her at all. My one daughter always jokes about Angel being my miniature white German Shepherd. She is full grown now and only weighs 35 pounds. I had a DNA test done on her and German Shepherd did not even show up. No matter what she is I love her very much….

Why Training With Sit Means Sit: Angel will not come to me when I call her and this has created problems in the past. I would love to take her to a dog park to play with the other dogs….she is very social but I am afraid to take her since she won’t come to me when I call her. That really is my main issue with her. I work with the Give a Dog a Home German Shepherd Rescue in San Antonio and saw the Sit Means Sit booth at the Home and Garden Show when I helped man the Give a Dog a Home booth. I liked the way the dogs seemed to be happy just hanging out at their booth and listened so well to the trainers. I knew I wanted my Angel to be a calm and happy dog just like those I saw….

Motto: Frustrating….I know she is a smart dog but the fact that she refuses to listen to me is very frustrating….I have a feeling she knows this as well….

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Does Your Pet Have Canine Compulsive Disorder?

Dog Chasing TailShould the sight of your pet chasing his own tail be a source of amusement or a cause for concern? While some odd canine behaviors are just a matter of dogs being dogs, others can indicate a possible emotional issue known as canine compulsive disorder. Fortunately, careful training and other therapeutic approaches can help your pet beat his compulsions.

What is Canine Compulsive Disorder

Canine compulsive disorder (CCD) is not all that different from the human version of obsessive-compulsive disorder, according to some neurological studies. But while the brain activity may bear some resemblance, the physical manifestations are different. When a dog chases his own tail for hours on end, practically licks his own fur off when there’s no sign of a dermatological problem, or barks constantly for no clear reason, he may be displaying signs of CCD. Dogs with this disorder may also chase after every light and shadow that crosses their path, or become focused on a single object to the exclusion of everything else.

Why does this condition occur?

Cartoon Dog TherapyAnxiety or past trauma can be a possible cause. Your pet may have lived in an abusive environment before you adopted him, or he may have been traumatized by other pets in the home or neighborhood. But if a conditioned response is behind your pet’s CCD, the good news is that you can often recondition him through proper obedience training. We can teach your dog commands to help him break the cycle of obsessive behaviors. Providing your dog with mentally stimulating games and tasks can help turn his mind away from his fixations and provide a healthy release for pent-up energy.

If you think your pet might have CCD, or at least could use some obedience training, contact Sit Means Sit. We’re obsessed, too — obsessed with helping dogs just like yours!

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