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All training services are still available.

In an effort to do our part through social distancing recommendations we're observing due to COVID-19, we are limiting all group training sessions to 10 people and requiring all participants to bring and wear a face covering while on premises until further notice.

We appreciate your patience during this time.


Ashly H.

Kris and Megan are great trainers to work with. I had just rescued my sweet girl Layla and had alot of work to do with her. They helped with training “Me” more so her lol.. I also enjoy the group classes on the weekends as well. Good way to get your dog around other dogs going through the same thing and meeting new people. Great company!

Emily C.

I adopted our dog, Harley, a beautiful 75-pound, hard-headed, lovable goofball Newfie mix about 5 years ago. He had been abused, starved, and poisoned… but was always the sweetest dog with me. I was lucky when I lived with him in Ohio. He had a big yard where he could run freely. But, when I moved to Florida, it meant moving into an apartment complex. It also meant taking walks on busy streets, around other dogs (both on and off leash), with people who couldn’t be trusted. He got protective and assertive, and I got more anxious… he started to feed off of my anxiety more and more everyday. He would pull on his leash, he would lunge at men who walked too close to me, he would lose his mind around other dogs. We got desperate. That’s where Sit Means Sit comes into play. Kris came to our apartment for a demo, and we immediately bonded over our northeastern Ohio roots. His passion for animals and their wellbeing is obvious… his dog, Cajun, is very clearly his best buddy. I was initially a bit nervous about using a training collar, but part of the program is to use it on ourselves… there is no pain involved for the dogs, just a gentle reminder to pay attention. After three lessons, Harley is leaps and bounds beyond where he was when we started out. I can walk him safely, regain his attention, and make sure that he stays where he needs to be. He still needs practice sometimes, but that’s part of the learning process- we, as pawrents, are learning too! What’s more, after completing the training program, we are able to board Harley with the trainers at Sit Means Sit. We did this recently, Kris came to pick Harley up, Megan dropped Harley off, and after a four-night stay with a review of his training, Harley came back to us even better and brighter! We’ve already recommended Sit Means Sit to most of our friends and family, and we can’t say enough positive things about this program and the folks who run it. Kris and Megan are wonderful people with an absolute passion for what they do, and the dogs for whom they do it. It is an incredibly worthwhile investment for the safety and wellbeing of four-legged friends, who are most certainly in the best of hands with Sit Means Sit.

Laurie L.

We adopted Kimmie from Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida on Easter of this year. She is the sweetest dog, but had jumping on people & on tables issues. She was in a foster home with 3 dogs, we took her to Petsmart, and she was fine with the other dogs, when we got home, we went for a walk, and came across a few dogs, and she was fine with them as well. She then got sick where we had to quarantine her to our backyard only. After she was better, her first walk out, we came across a German Shepherd & another dog that looked just like her. Well, the Shepherd started barking at her and pulling at the leash towards us like he wanted to rip her head off, so she in return started doing the same. After that, every dog we came across, she would do that to. I was so anxious about taking her for walks in fear of coming across a dog and not having control of her. I remembered seeing Sit Means Sit at a booth, and the thing that stuck out in my head was the German Shepherd sitting on a fire hydrant! I read the great reviews, and decided to give them a try. Shelby came out for our consultation, and I could see how much she liked what she does. Our time outside was cut short, because Kimmie decided she wanted to go after Shelby’s dog, who, mind you was very well trained. Well, Kimmie ended up taking me down, and I face planted it into the pavement. Shelby was quick on her heels though. She had her dog in the crate, and had Kimmie in hand, all safe and sound. I ended up signing up for the 10 day board & train, but extended it to the 15 day a few days later. All I can say, is WOW! Kimmie is a completely different dog! She doesn’t jump, well, not as much. We are still working on that one, but she is, I would say 95% better! I took her for her first walk around the block, and we came across two dogs without incident! My husband said he took her out this morning and they came across the German Shepherd, and she didn’t make a peep!!! Thank you so much Shelby & Sit Means Sit! I could not have done this without you!

Valerie A.

Kris and Megan trained our dog Roscoe. He is a very energetic dog and jumps on people when they come over. After board and training with them he is a much better dog. We have had a great experience with them and they have answered our many questions! Highly recommend them!

Gregory Simms

Kris and megan trained our 10 month Ruby who was a giant ball of energy and was certainly a bull in a China shop. Everything from jumping on people to trampling the kids and little dogs we dealt with, and this was after big box store obedience school.After coming home from the board and train program, the amount of improvement in her behavior and temperament is incredible. We could not be happier with the results. Thank you!

Crystal D.

My dog is 6 almost 7 years old I rescued her in Miami when she was 9months old. She was previously abused but we never had issues with her until she got a little older and more comfortable. She became very protective and would be aggressive for no reason and with no warning. Never to me but it seemed she thought everyone wanted to hurt me. I called probably 20 different trainers and was given the answer of “We don’t train adult dogs” or “She’s too old to be trained”. Until I found sit means sit they never had any worry of her age and actually took the time to see her in her own environment to see what triggered her aggression. My dog is a completely different dog, she is so trusting and obedient now thanks to Kris and his awesome team at sit means sit. I was skeptical at first since they would physically take my dog away the whole time of training but I’m beyond happy I went through with it! I will forever be thankful to sit means sit and will recommend them with no doubt! Thank you so much Kris and team!!

Karongue D.

I have a staffy mix whom I found to be very strong but sweet. I needed to be able to control her and her learn obedience. I did the 10 day board and train with SMS and she returned a different puppy. The group classes are helping her improve even better. I was amazed at the last group class at how well she focused and not try to play with the other dogs. Megan and Kris answers all my questions and show me techniques to help us improve with her training. She’s actually a lot calmer and is doing better off leash. I can’t thank them enough.

Simon H.

Great experience for us. Sal has been professional and incredibly nice. He answered all of our questions and updated us during the training process and we are excited about the progress made with our Capone.

Jade M.

My sweet girl is doing SO much better after her 5 day board and train! I have full confidence that in a few short months, she’ll be able to follow these commands as second nature without her collar. Sal, I cannot thank you enough!

Adriana M.

Thank you Sal for giving us new tools to work with, to take Bo to the next level. Very happy to have chosen the perfect person to train our pup. Awesome!!

Dona G.

I can’t thank Sal at Sit Means Sit enough, he brought home our well missed Sunshine today after a 10 day Jumpstart program. Sunshine now pays attention to our commands in addition to learning a bunch of new commands that will be very helpful day to day. I was apprehensive about sending our family dog to an outside location for training, but after receiving the wonderful video updates and training progress during her stay; I felt much more comfortable. I can tell through Sal’s positive attitude, great energy level and professionalism that this is the program for us, it was apparent that Sal loves dogs and what he does.

Sit Means Sit has a great program that can work for the most challenging dog behaviors, because we thought we just had to tough it through the first two years of puppyhood and now we don’t!
I am looking forward to working with our newly trained Sunshine and continued lessons with Sal at Sit Means Sit.
Thank you so much from our entire family!

Amanda & Eric G.

Thank you Megan for all your hard work! We missed Bailey so much but you kept us up to date with text messages, pictures, and videos. We were a little nervous about starting the program but it was a great investment for us all. We look forward to continuing Bailey’s training to get her therapy certified with GoTeam. Bailey is so much calmer now that she has commands to focus her energy on. Thank you so much!

Michele M.

Our training with Sit Means Sit and Megan McKenzie has been both fulfilling and very rewarding for us as a family and for our two German Shepherd pups. Megan is truly committed to tending to our pups’ needs (working on confidence and wanting a job to do) and our family’s as well. She is genuine and sincere and passionate about her work with the dogs. Sit Means Sit staff, Jennifer and Rachel, have always been quick to respond to any calls or email inquiries, and they have always taken the time to review everything and answer all questions.

I highly and confidently recommend these team of experts. It is refreshing to work with individuals who are truly committed and passionate about what they do and who they do it for (both four-legged and two-legged).

Beth H. O.

I’m impressed with Bette Davis’s training. Now it’s my turn to reinforce what she’s learned. Working a few times a day on it.

Amanda S.

We absolutely loved our training with Megan – she is fabulous! She was kind and patient with us and our dog Gus! We have confidence now that Gus can behave in a neighborhood environment vs. country living that he was used to!

Thank you so much for your time and knowledge, we truly appreciate it – and so does Gus!

Nichole B.

Charlie is basically my child and I was nervous to send him but he has been back a week now and is listening to me so well!! He is 4 also, so I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks! 🙂 thank you Sal!! Charlie loves you!

Chris C.

Way to go, Bella! Congratulations! We are so proud of you!!! Special thanks to the Sit Means Sit Team and especially Paul for training “mommy and daddy” on how to work with our favorite little girl, Bella! And thanks to the office staff for working with our crazy schedule to get sessions set up!

Stephanie S.

We had our 9-month-old pup, Loki, train for 10 days with Sit Means Sit and it was some of the best money we’ve ever spent. We had to suddenly relocate from Tampa to NYC and they were able to take a pup who had been walked only 5 times in his life (we just let him out freely in our yard throughout the day) to a pup who is now walked multiple times a day in the big city with a million distractions. He is still learning and is still stubborn and rambunctious but the difference is night and day. He knows the commands as long as you practice with him and he has only gotten better and better. The trainers were kind and knowledgeable and helped us understand why Loki does certain things. I highly recommend them!

Kelly W.

I came to Sit Means Sit as a very frustrated owner. I had even started looking for a new home for Emma because of her accidents and extreme fear of thunderstorms. I had talked with 5 other board and train programs before I met with Megan and Paul but I knew within the first 5 minutes that Sit Means Sit would be the best for my girls. They were typical Cavaliers with the royalty mentality and very sassy when they wouldn’t get their way. Zoe was the alpha of the house and the ring leader. They were yappy and would jump on people that came to the house. It would take forever to calm them down if it was someone staying. If someone was coming to work on the house, I would have to hold them the entire time. Emma was terrified of thunderstorms and would bark incessantly at thunder and lightning. After gaining confidence, she isn’t bothered by storms unless they’re really bad and then I am able to give her a command to help her refocus and she listens. I was worried about being away from them for 10 days but Megan would send me updates, post videos, and would text me updates whenever I asked. It’s such a great program but also having the support after they came home has been a lifesaver. I can call Megan anytime when I’m not sure how to handle a situation or if I need a reminder on something. Emma and Zoe love when Megan comes to visit. I cannot thank you enough!!!

Paul D.

The training with you was a very, very rewarding experience, not only for me but also for my dog, Pearl. I learned a lot about how my body language & attitude affects her attitude as well, and results in positive results. Prior to signing up for your classes I came really close to returning my dog to the pound I rescued her from. I had no control over her in so many areas and I was extremely frustrated, almost beyond control. I was sure there was no way to turn this situation around. BOY WAS I WRONG! Thankfully, my daughter found you and Sit Means Sit turned me and my dog around after our first lesson. I am so thankful for your professional approach and knowledge of my dog and my situation. You were able to shape what I determined to be a hopeless case into a loving relationship with my dog. I’m sure she will progress into a faithful companion as I progress into more training. You have taught me that not only is she a smart & strong-willed dog, but also a very trainable one. Following your advice and training expertise has proven invaluable. Finally, having worked with customers and customer service for over 30 years as a national service manager of a large company, it is refreshing to work with someone who knows how to treat the customer. I appreciate the trouble you have taken to assist me with my (dog) dilemma. You may seldom hear it, but with your proven skills and attention to detail, the customer will serve you and Sit Means Sit well for years to come. Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you for all you do and what you have done for me and Pearl.


Abby L.

I was nervous about not having my Kali by my side, the moment I met Megan I knew she’d take great care of her! Kali is unbelievably smart but equally stubborn and my first large and strong dog. I knew obedience training would strengthen our relationship and open up the world of dogs park in a safer manner. Kali is doing great after the 5 Day board and train, knows all her commands and is working on perfecting them. Megan did great with her and I couldn’t believe how sweet, talented, knowledgeable and caring Megan was with her!