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Sit Means Sit Trick Training

The last thing I tell my clients when we finish a lesson is to have fun. I came across this video on a working dog message board. This guy really looks like he is having fun with his dogs. Regardless of what your goals are with your dog, don’t forget to be creative and HAVE FUN. Working with your dog is one of the best things you can do for your relationship.

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Zero to Off Leash in under 45 minutes! North Georgia Dog Training

Alex had my dog off leash and under control in less than 45 minutes. I have an energetic chocolate lab/pointer mix and we had completed basic dog training using traditional methods. However, she had not mastered coming when called and could not be trusted off leash or around distractions. Alex’s knowledge and training ability is excellent and he quickly trains you and your dog. I highly recommend Alex and his methods because he has helped to create a better and happier relationship between me and my dog.

Chris Buzhholz and Darby

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Sit Means Sit Therapy Dogs in Action

Therapy moose

Over the past few months I have had the pleasure of working with a six month old Mastiff named Moose. Moose was the first graduate of our puppy preschool program and transitioned into our adult program shortly after. One of his owner’s goals was to get Moose involved in a therapy dog program once he was a bit older. His HUGE size and care free attitude make him a crowd pleaser every where he goes. His owner’s only concern was that Moose was a bit timid around wheel chairs and other rolling objects.
This past week, while on vacation, Moose got the opportunity to visit an elementary school. While there he met a special needs child who was normally terrified of dogs. However, Moose did not scare him. Instead the boy petted Moose and with a little help took Moose for a walk. The boy’s walker did not bother Moose in the least and he was able to impact the boy in a very special way.
Moose and his owners are going to be a tremendous asset to the therapy dog community. He is a true gentle giant and has a great future ahead of him.

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Fly with your dog

Thinking about flying with your dog? Pet Airways might be your answer. Flying your dog in cargo is often stressful for you and your dog. Before you book your next trip take a look at Pet Airways, they might have just what you need.

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Off Leash! In Public! Under Control!

This video features some of the best Sit Means Sit trainers in the country. They are doing a demonstration at the Rolex Three Day in Kentucky. The youngest trainer featured is only 14 years old! The Sit Means Sit training system does not rely on strength or heavy handed corrections. Instead we teach you how to effectively communicate with your dog. As you can see the results are amazing.

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Will my dog listen without a collar?

Here is a great video of Dave Skoletsky and his dog Beck. In this video Beck is demonstrating precision obdience and bite work. Notice that he is not wearing his Sit Means Sit Collar at all. This is a great example of the effectiveness of the Sit Means Sit training system.

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Leash Free Dog Training

Spring is starting to arrive in Georgia. It has been in the upper 70s for the last several days and my wife and I have been able to get out and do some walking in the evenings. When we walk we love to take our dogs with us, however we are not big fans of leashes. One of the greatest things about having Sit Means Sit trained dogs is that we don’t need them. As long as there is a safe place off the roadway for the dogs to walk we have them off leash. The Sit Means Sit training system gives you the ability to have your dog OFF LEASH AND UDNER CONTROL! In my opinion there is nothing better than letting your dog have the freedom he wants and still know that he is going to pay complete attention to your every command. I know there are leash laws in most cities, however I have never had a problem or a complaint because my dogs are under control and well mannered. That being said, I am now offering this to ALL my clients. If you are in a park and your dog is OFF LEASH AND UNDER CONTROL and you receive a ticket for it, I will pay for it. It is that simple. The Sit Means Sit training system is simply the best and I am willing to put my money where my mouth is. I will see you at the park!

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Testimonial from a Portuguese Water Dog

Carmel, our 6 month old Portuguese Water Dog, is now able to sit, come, place, heel working around distractions of other dogs and cars. We got Carmel at 4 months old and she had minimal training. Carmel is a sweet dog and well socialized puppy but needed some training. When she arrived in our house I had lots of my “glass decorations” and “paper products”
put away. She tugged at the leash when walking her around the neighborhood and was interested in car traffic.

She started training with Alex at 5 months old and now is in group classes. She has had about 30 days of training and we are thrilled with her progress and the Sit Mean Sit program. I now have my house back and the glass vases and paper products are now displayed! We think the best command though “place” when we bring the groceries from the car to the house! We love it when she stays in the “sit command” when cars go by our rural country road home. No more tugging at the leash or wanting possibly to chase a car.

Alex has been wonderful and we couldn’t ask for a better trainer to work with or better customer service. He calls to see how our training is going and if there are any problems. He was prompt for his appointments during the initial training period and always professional. He keeps us well informed of what is going on in e-mail. The on-line calendar is very helpful for our scheduling.

Thank you Alex and Sit Means Sit!!!!

Rick Calder & Mona Cosse
Gainesville, GA

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New Puppy Preschool Group Classes

Sit Means Sit dog training now offers a comprehensive puppy preschool program! Designed specifically to help you and your new puppy create a positive relationship. We help you to establish good behaviors and prevent unwanted problems, creating a happy safe household for your family. We cover house/crate training, chewing, biting, nutrition, toys, socialization, grooming, first aid, and much more. Our program is designed for puppies 8 to 16 weeks old. It is never too soon to start training your new puppy! Class size is limited so call or email to reserve your spot. Click on the link below and fill out a contact form.

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Testimonial from Owner of a Fearful Aggressive Dog

Rick and I adopted Ernie, a rescue dog, in December. We are unsure of his complete back ground. He was very afraid of people, other dogs, and any new situation. We could tell he was not socialized well. He displayed some aggressive tendencies, and we were unable to get him to listen to us.

We took Ernie to be evaluated at another dog training facility. They labeled him an aggressive dog, and a very BAD DOG. We did not see him that way, and so we continued searching. Rick got a referral to Alex and Sit Means Sit from someone who had experienced firsthand what could be done with the right training and the right tools.

Alex came out in June to evaluate Ernie and give us a demonstration. He worked patiently with Ernie and determined that he only has fear based aggression and is indeed a GOOD DOG. He needed guidance and leadership.

We have been so pleased with the outcome. We saw changes after the first session with Alex. People who knew how he was before say he is a totally different dog now. The change is amazing. Ernie is happier, more confident, more engaged with people, learning to ignore other dogs if he is not comfortable with them, and he actually listens to us now. Alex not only did an excellent job training Ernie, but he also had to train us to handle Ernie.

Thanks Alex and Sit Means Sit

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