Sit Means Sit Reciprocity Policy

Sit Means Sit offers a unique opportunity to its clients by having a network of trainers across the country working together to provide high level dog training services. One of the perks of being a part of the Sit Means Sit system is the national Reciprocity Policy. The Sit Means Sit Reciprocity Policy allows for clients from one franchise to transfer their services to another franchise if they need to move, relocate or are traveling.


  • Client’s account must be in good standing with the original franchise.
  • A copy of the client’s original contract is required for transfers.
  • Client will be required to sign waivers/contracts at the new location.

3 Levels of Reciprocity:

Level 1: No Reciprocity

The franchisee does not accept any transfers, does not offer any support to clients other than from their own location.

Level 2: Partial Reciprocity

The franchisee accepts transferring clients for group classes at no charge.

Level 3: Full Reciprocity

The franchisee accepts transfers at no fee, including group classes and up to two private lessons.

Clients are bound by their original franchise’s level of participation and the programs offered at the home location but have the opportunity to purchase additional services at the new franchise location. Transferring clients must be in good standing with the original franchise and will be required to fill out additional waivers and contracts at the new location.

The levels of reciprocity vary from location to location. Please click here to see your locations reciprocity level.