High vs. Low Level Training

There is no such thing as ‘low’ or ‘high’ level training.

Yeah, yeah…I already know that everyone says they are ‘low’ level trainers for political correctness and to sound great. I don’t think there is anyone on the planet that advertises themselves as a ‘high level trainer’…if there is, please show me that advertising of the trainer so I can correct myself.

I may have missed that one in a zillion along the way.  🙂 I also understand why people also advertise ‘positive only’. It is impossible to know. ‘Tall’ without knowing ‘short’, ‘rich’ without knowing ‘poor’, and of course ‘positive’ without knowing ‘negative’. (The video at bottom illustrates my point.)


In this video is level 4 (this old collar only goes up to 6) high or low? Kind of like a steak. A ‘medium’ steak is over cooked if you prefer rare, and under cooked if you prefer well done. You also could not legislate ‘low’ and ‘high’ levels because human beings have different perceptions.

One trainer will feel the level needs to be higher or lower, which might vastly disagree with what another trainer thinks. That is because human perception varies. As I always say……your definition of ‘clean’ might be totally different than your wife’s.

5 different people could EASILY come up with 5 different ‘proper’ levels.

Don’t believe me?

Pass a dog and a remote around a room of ‘trainers’ and I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts you see the dial move. It’s really no different than passing a dog and a leash around.  There is no ‘proper’ % of leash pull either. What’s the proper percentage of leash pull on your dog?  10%, 20%, 30%???? Depends on who is doing the pulling.  🙂

This video illustrates.  Is the level high or low???

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