Dog Training Collar

Dog training collars have evolved a lot over the years but one thing is for certain, Fred Hassen has been at the fore front in the advancement of remote electronic dog training and it was only a matter of
time before his efforts evolved into his own brand in remote dog training equipment and supplies. That time is now. Here is a clip of Fred Hassen doing some initial testing of the dog training collar known as
“The Sit Means Sit Collar” in an indoor setting, with lots of distraction of people around, and on a slippery floor.

The Sit Means Sit dog training collar had to work well in all environments, and be able to perform with people and crowds, since most all Sit Means Sit demonstrations are done in public. Since Fred Hassen
believes that politically correct and humane dog training is done in public, it only made sense that it had to be tested in public as well.

To make the testing process even more thorough, Fred did not talk to the dog at all during this demonstration since he has always had an unwavering belief that his dog training system is a line of communication
between the handler and the dog, and with his many exhibitions of linking food with the variable intensity of his remote electronic dog training collar, he steadfastly showed that his dog training collar and his
dog training system are certainly light years ahead of the primitive punishment only training styles. Fred Hassen even took it a step further by showing the success in communication with deaf dogs. The dog
in this video is not deaf , but communication without speaking is even much easier than with any other system or device available!

The Sit Means Sit dog training Collar is now also available on line at our store.

To learn more about Fred Hassen and his training with the Sit Means Sit dog training collar, be sure to subscribe to his free daily video.

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