Toni Drugmand on Remote Collar Training

The Sit Means Sit dog training method, developed by Fred Hassen, uses the newest generation of remote dog training collar as an electronic cue system that reaches out and gently touches the dog. The instant communication created by this dog training collar allows us to reinforce our commands and increase the potential of our training


To envision the feel and adjustability of a remote training collar, read this article.

The Sit Means Sit method doesn’t just hand over electronic dog training collars and leave it at that, instead they teach owners the language of the collar. This training, combined with the collar’s sophisticated adjustability for each dog’s sensitivity, make this tool — as used with this method — unparalleled for speed, reliability and ease of use.

The development of these special dog training collars has benefitted from medical advances such as electronic acupuncture, biofeedback, pain control and healing aids using electrical current. Applying these advances in medicine, the remote collar is a gentle and effective dog training tool that utilizes a feeling not unlike an electronic “tap.”

The tap is a unique sensation, minutely adjustable and less forceful than a leash and collar.

It’s a feeling that dogs of all sizes, ages and temperaments take to quickly. Not only that, but dogs properly introduced to a collar as a language, not just a correction, will develop deep-seated behavioral changes for the better and can be reliable off leash in very little time. This dog obedience method shows our students how to get their dogs under control while on and off leash. You will be amazed at how your dog responds and obeys in real life settings with families and everyday distractions. All across America more dogs are being trained with the Sit Means Sit method, including search and rescue/disaster dogs, police canines, service canines, agility, competitive obedience and our everyday pet


Visit the Sit Means Sit web site for a list of certified trainers in the United States and Canada.

Toni Drugmand is certified with honors as a remote collar specialist in Arizona and owner of Sit Means Sit, Phoenix, Arizona. Our remote collar training program is veterinarian endorsed and recommended.

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