Remote Collar Training: What Is It?

We thought we would give some background on remote training collars, their origin and abilities. The remote collars we refer to today are collars that allow you to handle a remote hand held device that emits a vibration, or a mild pulse of electric stimulation under your control, much like a leash is used. This used with correct leash direction (in the beginning stages) helps the dog learn very quickly because his right or good behavior is marked immediately as is his wrong or incorrect behaviors are. His comparisons are made instantly. You are not arguing with your dog, your voice never raises. Your dog is off leash reliable almost from the first day. He learns to control his own actions quickly and easily. We feel this is a valuable training tool, used along with our teaching method that allows our students immediate results on imperative issues such as learning to come back and not run out the door, stop chasing cars, or knocking over grandma and many other areas such as biting the kids for puppies and chewing, barking or digging problems.

Toni Drugmand is a certified remote collar specialist. One of only two certified specialists in Arizona. She is trained in the use of this training collar and a graduate of Fred Hassens Sit Means Sit International School for Dog Trainers. (See his web site for more information.) Fred Hassen has graduates from around the world attend his school to master his specialized field of training in this method. Electronic Collars have been around since the 1950’s. Electronics have evolved and improved enormously over the past years. Today with the advancement of modern technology Doctors are using electronics as an aid healing injures, as muscle stimulators, along with Acupuncture treatments, tens units and so on. These are not painful treatments, and science shows the value of these kinds of treatments more and more.

As more of the dog population learns about the versatility of this training we are seeing the popularity of this approach to training rise.

People are discovering they can enjoy much more freedoms with their pets and bring them into distracting and public places and know they have a controlled and obedient dog. It is the lack of knowledge and education that gets people into trouble with anything. Dog training with a remote training collar is not different. The “controversies” that stem from the dog community concerning this area of training are simply a lack of education.

Police departments are using this training for more reliable dogs on their streets. Organizations involved in Search & Rescue are finding huge value in the abilities to direct their dogs at distances. Trailing dogs for Law Enforcement are finding this training valuable and saving many training hours and lives in the process. Dogs used in service for the disabled are also finding an enormous asset in training, both in time and in transferring the ability of the trained animal over to the new owner. The positive attributes the remote training collars give us with proper training are endless. It truly makes learning easier on the dog.

Toni Drugmand is a certified remote collar training specialist. For more information about Toni, please see

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