Dog aggression and People aggression

Sit Means Sit, the “No Excuses Dog Training Company”, is about being able to help people with their dogs on just about any problem. Rather than provide people with excuses, like they cannot train them because of whatever reason, or however old they are, we not only provide a solution but also demonstrate that it can be done quickly and very easily in most cases, and without getting confrontational with the dog or yelling a screaming. In this video, you will see Darin Shepherd and Chris Laseter from our Sit Means Sit dog training offices in Atlanta Georgia, handle a 6 1/2 year old pitbull that has years of experience in pushing both people and dogs around, and the owners are at their wits end……but love the dog dearly. Not having the ability to control your dog is the main reason why most of the dog problems and media stories happen. Although some dog owners may even have the right intentions of seeking out help, a lot of dog trainers may not have the ability to not only train a dog like this effectively, but also are rarely able to transfer that knowledge to the owner. Sit Means Sit dog training provides both. The training in this video was provided with the assistance of the “Sit Means Sit Dog Collar“. To learn how to use the Sit Means Sit dog collar effectively, please seek out a Sit Means Sit dog trainer in your area.

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