Become a dog trainer in Long Island or Manhattan!

Sit Means Sit dog training is actively searching and recruiting 10 high powered, motivated business oriented people to open Sit Means Sit dog training locations in and around the Long Island, and Manhattan New York areas! This is the most populated area in the United States, and Sit Means Sit dog training is now opening opportunities in this area.

Living in Long Island New York, Manhattan, or any of the surrounding New York City areas, it is very gratifying to be able to help people with their dog training, dog obedience, or dog behavior problems.
Learn to run dog classes, and also help with puppies, or just making their dog better. View the amazing Sit Means Sit dog training videos and compare them to any dog training company in the world!

Before filling out one of our contact forms to become one of these specially selected individuals, we suggest that you do your due diligence in researching our dog training company against any and all other dog training companies on the market. We suggest you research our success on the competitive level, in the Police dog field, in the pet dog market, and talk to and research our individual trainers and their backgrounds and history before becoming a Sit Means Sit dog trainer.

Applicants will also undergo a background check, as their are only 10 selected spots that will be open at this time, and we suggest that you be familiar with our standards and our success rate before applying for one of these coveted Sit Means Sit New York locations!

Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia concerning the population of Long Island and the surrounding area, which is obviously a very ripe area for us to open Sit Means Sit dog training offices in the surrounding area, and why we are very picky on the Sit Means Sit dog training location owners. Here is the excerpt: Long Island is an island located in southeastern New York, USA, its western shores directly across from Manhattan, from which the island stretches northeast into the Atlantic Ocean. It contains four counties, two of which (Queens and Kings) are boroughs (Queens and Brooklyn) of New York City, and two of which (Nassau and Suffolk) are suburbs of that city. Long Island Sound is the body of water between its northern shore and the state of Connecticut.

True to its name, Long Island is much longer than it is wide, extending 118 miles (190 km) from New York Harbor, and it varies in width from 12 to 23 miles (19 to 37 km) between the northern Long Island Sound coast and the southern Atlantic coast.[1] With an area of 1,401 square miles (3,629 km2), Long Island is the largest island in the continental United States and the 149th largest island in the world.[1] It is connected to the mainland by several bridges and tunnels through New York City, and ferries to Connecticut from Suffolk County.

Long Island had a population of 7,448,618 as of the 2000 census,[1] with the population estimated at 7,559,372 as of July 1, 2006, making it the most populated island in any U.S. state or territory. It is also the 17th most populous island in the world, ahead of Ireland, Jamaica and the Japanese island of Hokkaid?. Its population density is 5,470 people per square mile (2,110 per km2).

We strongly suggest that you research our information on our dog training schools, and our dog training career opportunities, and forward to anyone that you feel might be qualified to open a Sit Means Sit dog training office in and around the Long Island New York area. We will only be taking 10 qualified applicants at this time. Become a Long Island Dog Training expert!

First New York Dog Training location is open. Come join the Sit Means Sit Dog Training Family!

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