The Place Command

Sit Means Sit dog trainer Bobby Pablico from Las Vegas, shows us progressions for training the place command.

Place two raised objects (place boards) on the floor spread a few feet apart. We use a raised place board because this is clearly defined from the floor and becomes a tool to help the dog begin to problem solve. Most dogs will try to walk around or avoid the place boards when presented to it. Your goal will be to walk the dog over these two place boards.

You begin by having the first place board between you and the dog and calling the dog to you, bringing them over the place board. You may need to guide them over this since the place board can present a clear boundary for them and they may hesitate initially to even touch it. Success at this level begins with getting the paws on the place board.

Once the dog is moving freely over the first place board guide him over the second place board. By having two place boards, you are providing a natural target that builds attention to the task at hand, that will eventually bring attention to you.

Place boards are available through the Online Store or through any of our Sit Means Sit locations worldwide.

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