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Sit Means Sit™, the internationally recognized dog training program, is offering a free demonstration and Live Seminar in Raymore Memorial Park during the Raymore Festival in Raymore, Missouri. This free demonstration of the Sit Means Sit™ remote dog collar training method will be held Friday, September 21st, 5-8 PM. You’ll see founder and owner Fred Hassen, Chris Laseter, a Sit Means Sit™ trainer from Atlanta, GA, and Tom Mancuso, owner of Sit Means Sit™ of Kansas City demonstrate the amazing results of this dog training. For three hours you will be able to watch these trainers and their dogs perform and ask questions about the training method- for free!

Saturday and Sunday, September 22nd and 23rd 9AM – 5PM will be dedicated to two full days of Live Seminar training for you and your dog. The Sit Means Sit™ method combines modern technology and training techniques to produce results fast. Sit Means Sit™ uses a remote dog training collar as a tool for communicating with your dog. This gentle but effective device captures your dog’s attention and allows him to focus only on you and your commands. You will be able to communicate effectively with your dog, even in the midst of distractions! Open to all dogs from puppies to older dogs at any level of behavior, these two days of training will cover all aspects of dog training.

Many owners have struggled to control some of their dog’s behaviors. Unwanted behaviors like lunging, barking, pulling the leash, digging, chewing, chasing or aggressiveness top the lists of difficult issues for owners. Sit Means Sit ™ has worked with dogs of all sizes, ages, temperament and breeds and no dog has been too much of a challenge for them. The innovative methods allow dogs that have been previously trained to quickly adapt to this new method and dogs that have never been trained to learn quickly. An obedient and well-mannered dog is a happy and safe dog. Sit Means Sit™ has successfully worked with pets, working dogs and shelter dogs. Two days doesn’t sound like much, but with this method, owners see a different dog emerge from the live training seminar. Every dog is welcome, no experience or previous training is necessary.

“Sit Means Sit™ dog training is an innovative and effective method that will amaze dog owners” said Tom Mancuso owner of Sit Means Sit™ Kansas City, Missouri. “We will be conducting a three-hour demonstration and then two full days of Life Seminar training that will change the lives of these dogs and their owners for the better.”

Tom Mancuso is the head trainer and owner of Sit Means Sit™ dog training of Kansas City. With years of experience and many happy and well-trained dogs to his credit, Tom has shared his training methods with many families who were looking to improve the behavior of their dogs. A former Marine, Tom is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and having clients build strong relationships with their dogs. A member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, Tom has translated his love of dogs into a calling using the Sit Means Sit™ dog training method to train happy, obedient dogs and helping families train their pets so that they can go anywhere and do anything together.

The two-day Live Seminar is a unique opportunity to enjoy the nationally-recognized talents of three Sit Means Sit™ trainers. Fred Hassen has revolutionized the dog training industry with his work with remote dog training collars. Training everything from ordinary house pets who have a few small problems to National Champions in obedience and K9 police dogs, Hassen knows what it takes to bring out the ‘best’ in man’s best friend. The CEO and founder of Sit Means Sit™ dog obedience school in Las Vegas, Nevada, Fred Hassen has seen his business expand into nineteen states and Canada with new locations opening all the time. Benefit from his extensive knowledge and experience as he, Tom Mancuso and Chris Laseter give a two day Live Seminar in Raymore Memorial Park.

“Having three trainers offer their best training methods is a wonderful chance for dog owners,” Sit Means Sit™ CEO Fred Hassen said. “The ability of attendees to work one-on-one and in small groups for two full days while they learn the Sit Means Sit™ method will give them an opportunity to create a happy and well-mannered dog. The remote dog training collar combined with the Sit Means Sit method will address all of the common issues that we see from our clients. Issues like jumping, barking, chewing and pulling on the leash will all be addressed along with any special concerns brought by the owners.” Mancuso said, “I am very excited to bring the Sit Means Sit™ training method and two-day Live Seminar to the Raymore Festival. Our dog training methods are second to none and I am eager to share this great method with local dog owners who are looking to improve their dog’s manners and their happiness.”

Embraced by the international dog training community, Sit Means Sit™ dog trainers can boast of having 2 National Champions, 4 present active police k9 handlers, and 1 active member and 1 former member of the Presidential K9 team. The Friday evening demonstration is free and open to anyone who wants to learn more about this amazing dog training method. The Saturday and Sunday Live Seminars (9AM – 5PM) are by registration only at the cost of $199 for both days including lunch. The demonstration and seminars will both be held at Raymore Memorial Park, 400 Park Lane, Raymore, MO 64083. Anyone interested in registering or finding more information can contact Tom Mancuso (816) 878-4878 or tommancuso@SitMeansSit.com.

About Sit Means Sit™
Founded and Created by Fred Hassen in 1998, Sit Means Sit™ is a dog training method that has evolved into a successful and growing company. The gentle training methods offer a high level of obedience to the pet owner and create a happier dog. Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, this innovative obedience training company has a number of locations throughout North America. You can find Sit Means Sit™ on the web at http://www.sitmeanssit.com/.

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