Yes, we train Deaf Dogs

Sit Means Sit dog training company also very effectively trains deaf dogs as you can see in this video with this dog that we had never seen before. Having the ability to communicate with the dog, and to be able to do it for long periods of time, as you can see in this clip makes it a training system that is unsurpassed for speed and reliability and attitude.

Our video cameras follow Ashton Fitz-Gerald of “Sit Means Sit” dog training in Las Vegas Nevada, through an entire first dog training session with a deaf pitbull. This deaf dog video, shows the communication process of teaching with a remote dog training collar with a deaf dog. This dog has never worn a remote dog training collar before, and Ashton is teaching him a variety of things. This dog is deaf, and cannot hear, so no words are being spoken. Once dog training attention is acquired, hand signals and cues are brought in. This is the dog’s very first session, and you will notice the amount of dog training attention that is maintained throughout the video, and for the length of time as well. Ashton has also had no previous contact with this particular dog. This deaf dog training video has not been edited in any way, other than a changing of the tape at one point.

We received this e-mail from Charlene who runs Bullie Buddies, a Pit Bull Rescue organization here in Las Vegas, with regards to the deaf dog ‘Otis’ Ashton is working in the video.

Charlene Wrote:

OMG, Lianne. This video made me cry. You don’t know how many people think Otis should be put down, and I’ve even been told that he’s non-responsive and aggressive. Can Ashton or someone else continue working with him? We’ll pay for it, we can’t really afford it but I will do anything to give him a chance. I know that this will help get him adopted. I’m going to link to the video from his webpage so people can see how beautiful and smart he is.

Thank You, and tell Fred and Ashton Thank You from us.


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