Dog Training Video: Teaching with a Remote Dog Training Collar

Training a dog with a remote dog training collar from day one. The dog training video below follows Sit Means Sit founder Fred Hassen while he starts training a Catahoula Leopard Dog with a Sit Means Sit dog training collar. This dog has had no obedience training at all up to this point.

The training begins with teaching the dog how to pay attention. Being able to develop attention is the cornerstone to all dog training. It doesn’t matter if you choose to train with a leash, prong collar, clicker, or dog treats. Good attention is the foundation to successful training.

With the Sit Means Sit dog training system, the basic approach to training begins with teaching the dog the ‘Language of the Sit Means Sit dog training collar’. Teaching the language of the dog collar is crucial to having a dog understand clearly what the purpose of the remote ‘tap’ from the collar. The dog training collar by nature is designed to be highly adjustable, allowing the trainer to maintain a neutral sensation to the dog. The goal is to develop an understanding in the dog that the tap from the dog training collar is the same as a tap on the shoulder. The desired reaction from the dog should not be that of fear, nor pain, nor confusion. Obviously we can’t control anything that goes on inside the dog’s head as to his perceptions of the collar. In fact it’s not uncommon to see confusion in the dog as a normal part of training. The job of the dog trainer is to problem solve and teach the dog what the tap from the collar represents by controlling choices, and shaping the dog’s behavior into the desired task. If you are unfamiliar with Sit Means Sit and our unique training system, we recommend you look through our dog training video library to learn more about the level of success that our dog training system can achieve. We also invite you to check out our free report on the technology behind modern electronic dog training devices. In this report issues of safety are addressed in an unbiased and scientific manner. You can download this report for free. We’d also recommend you check out this review of our dog training system by a veterinarian.

As part of any dog training, a perfectly normal occurrence is your dog becoming confused at some point. When comparing training dogs to children learning skills in school (yes, dogs aren’t children, but the analogy rings true) it is inevitable at some point that the dogs (or kids) will become confused about performing a certain task. The job of trainer/teacher is to help the student learn at the optimum level, while at the same time encouraging the student not to give up trying. The difference between teaching children and training dogs is that dogs can only learn through trial and error. Children have the ability to be reasoned with. We can explain concepts to them, and relate the outcome of their behavior to action that caused it. We do not have the ability to reason with dogs. Even so-called ‘dog whisperers’ lack this ability because dogs by nature learn through trial and error.

With this in mind, as the dog is being taught the ‘language of the Sit Means Sit dog training collar‘ we need to help the dog learn using visual and physical guidance. In the early phases of training with the Sit Means Sit dog training system, there is no verbal communication occurring. We simply want the dog to learn the language of the dog training collar. Fred Hassen demonstrates how he develops attention using one of the many exercises that Sit Means Sit trainers use to lay in this mechanical foundation in the dog. Performing a ‘stop and start’ drill is a good way to teach the dog to pay attention to your body movements. The main goal for this drill is to teach them to match your energy level. It is so common for dogs who don’t pay attention to take 10 or more steps when the handler takes one. We want to see the dog develop the ability to filter out external distractions and take one step as the handler takes one step.

This dog training video shows about 9 minutes of unedited footage showing the foundation training using the ‘stop and start’ drill.

Do you have a question about how to train a dog with a remote dog training collar? Please leave a comment below, and we’ll create a dog training video specifically to address your question.

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