Dog Training Review: Boot Camp Training

Hi Tony – (Tony Lampert of Sit Means Sit, St. Louis, MO)

We would like to take a moment and thank you for the excellent dog training service that you provide! We are an entire family of dog lovers and have had many pets through the years. However, the more recent additions to our family have proven to be trying at times. We love our dogs, but at just over a year old, the youngest, Molly, is very smart and likes to push the envelope! She was rubbing off on the older dog, Karmi, that is just over 2 years old. They would play more and more aggressively and listen to our commands less and less. We felt that we were loosing control and that was causing stress on us as well as the dogs. We felt that our bond with our dogs was waning and knew that we had to do something.

That is where you and Sit Means Sit came in and saved us! The training that our dogs received in the one-week board and train was PRICELESS! We had tried the local pet store obedience classes, but they didn’t do much. Your techniques provided the foundation that was needed and was long overdue. With that training in hand, the individual private lessons that followed were great in not only further training for the dogs, but to train us as well so that we would know how to work with the dogs to get the most out of the training and to be able to progress with it. The best part of all of this is that once again we have developed a strong bond with our lovable dogs. It wasn’t that they were so bad, they are sweet dogs. We just didn’t know how to work with them and have them use their energy in a positive way. The training was every bit as valuable to us as it was to them. So, we thank you for restoring our relationship with our pets, we are once again a whole family!

Mike & Rhonda

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