Dog Training: Without a Dog Training Collar

Today’s dog training article featured Nash owned and trained by Fred Hassen, Founder and CEO of Sit Means Sit Inc. Fred is demonstrating how with the Sit Means Sit dog training system, dogs are capable of learning to listen without the Sit Means Sit dog training collar on.

In the dog training video below, you will see that Nash is training with Fred in the middle of the street in one of our local Las Vegas communities. This is a completely real-life situation, including the un-scripted ‘child with a scooter’ that rolls by. It’s very clear that in the real world, anything can happen, and this is why it is important to realize that even with a very well trained dog that reinforcement is ongoing. When you relate training your dog with a Sit Means Sit dog training collar to training your dog with treats or a leash, it’s pretty easy to realize that you may still from time to time need to give your dog some treats, or possibly put a leash on your dog in some situations in order to maintain the time and effort you have put into the training of your dog.

Our goal with this video is to show how with proper training, you will be able to remove the Sit Means Sit dog training collar from you dog and still have him capable of paying attention and listening, even around outdoor distractions.

You will see in this dog training video that despite the dog not wearing any dog training equipment, and the trainer not using any dog toys, food, place cots, or other training props, the dog is willing and able to listen. Obviously even a well trained dog may need a reminder to do what’s asked, however the difference between repeat a command once and repeating a command ten times is apparent. It results in less frustration, and less aggravation for the dog trainer and handler.

Remember this dog training video is completely unscripted, and is just to show our viewers the level of relaxed control that you will be able to achieve in and around your home, even without a dog training collar on. For more information about the training process to go through to train your dog to listen without a dog training collar on, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Do you have a great dog training video showing how your dog listens without a dog training collar, treats, toys or other training props? We’d love to see it! Leave a comment below with a link to your dog training video.

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