Product Test: Indestructible Dog Bowl

Sit Means Sit loves to check out new dog supplies and products, especially those that are considered ‘tough’. We realize that everybody on the planet has a different opinion of what they consider ‘tough’. That’s why we like to test our products in real world situations to see just how durable the dog supplies that we sell can be. Got a product that you feel is ‘durable’? Leave a comment below about that product and we’ll test it out! We love finding new, durable dog supplies.

We realize that dogs are some of the toughest consumers when it comes to destroying things, whether it’ a dog collar, water bowl, or just plain old dog chew toys. We wondered, what’s harder on our dog equipment? An H2 Hummer, or a dog? Check out our dog product test in the video below. See which is tougher, a Hummer or the Reliabowl. This is how Sit Means Sit determines if something is ‘tough’.

We decided to test out one of our ‘durable’ dog products available in our online dog supply store the ‘Reliabowl’. This is a very unique dog bowl. It’s a single piece dog bowl designed to be both water transport container and bowl in one. Made from a heavy-duty and durable polyethylene construction, there is only one removable part (the drainage cap on the back). This bowl is designed to hold your dog water while traveling in your car or RV, and during water breaks do double duty as a built in water dish. Simply tip the Reliabowl on it’s side to fill the built in water dish with water from the reservoir. There’s no overflowing as the Reliabowl design automatically keeps the water dish filled to the proper level and no higher.

When your dog is done drinking, simply tip the Reliabowl back upright, and the unused water flows back into the reservoir. No spilling, no extra bottles, and no losing your bowl!

You can check out the Reliabowl on our dog supplies store. Believe us when we say this bowl is tough! Check out the video below to see how easy and convenient the Reliabowl is.

Do you have a durable dog product you want us to test out? Leave a comment below with info on that dog product and we’ll check it out. We love finding new, durable dog products.

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