Dog Training Collar – Waterproof, with LIFETIME warranty.

Fred Hassen is seen here testing how waterproof the Sit Means Sit dog training Collar actually is! We put both the remote and the receiver to the test in this video, that shows why the Sit Means Sit dog collar was selected as one of the top pet products for 2007! Having both an electronic dog collar remote and receiver that are both water proof and very reasonably priced, makes it easy for dogs and dog owners to not only have the advantage in hunting dog situations, but also to make it much easier on both if you are spending the day at the beach with your dog, or if you go to the lake, or just in your backyard by the pool. No more worries about dropping your remote in the water, and having to buy a new one! Now you can relax, lay on a raft in Acapulco and train your dog! If you drop your remote, it will be fine, or just have your dog go and pick it up for you. The Sit Means Sit waterproof remote dog collar and remote transmitter, also have a lifetime warranty that is unheard of in the remote dog collar business. This isn’t a warranty where you have to read between the lines or the small print. It’s very simple. If anything ever happens to your Sit Means Sit dog collar, even if your pet elephant steps on it, we will replace it at no charge. The only caution that we must warn you about, is if you are laying on a raft and training your dog, just be sure to turn over every half hour, and apply a good sunscreen or you may get sunburned!

Range? The Sit Means Sit remote electronic dog training collar goes a 1/4 mile. In making this collar, my finding was that practically everyone on the planet, Pet dog owners, agility dogs, police dogs, protection dogs, akc obedience dogs, hunt test dogs, and even field trial dogs work their dogs within a 1/4 mile. There are 440 yards in a quarter mile. That is 4 1/2 football fields, and there are not even marks in a retriever field trial that are that long. Furthermore, it is not advisable to be using a collar on a dog that you cannot see what he is doing. No, he’s not going to feel it from a mile away, then just turn around, stop and look both ways before the light turns green, and stop at every corner on his merry way home. This is not advisable. We also did not want to sacrifice price and size, just for the 1/10,000 people that something other than these distance facts may apply to. We made it for pet dogs, and working dogs in the police, protection, agility and obedience fields.

For further information on remote electronic dog collars, and how they work, we have many articles by many authors and websites on electronic muscle stimulators that work on the same principles, except for a dog. Electronic muscle stimulators have been around for years and are scientifically proven to alleviate pain, not to cause it.

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